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All prices are quoted in Euro including the listing's starting price.

This commission tier is for a custom comic page.

This listing is set for single-page orders to split up the work between one batch of commissions to the next, but you may request planning and quotations for subsequent pages at the start of a project.

The default price range is for a standard page layout with 6 panels (2 columns x 3 rows) and a 7:5 page size ratio. This all includes planning, layout and lettering work as is typical for most comics.

Per-Page Price Ranges

  • Sketch: €220 - 340
  • w/ Flat Color: €360 - 560
  • Lineart: €340 - 530
  • w/ Flat Color: €470 - 730

Notes On Pricing and Estimates

Comics are very complex projects and are very difficult to estimate without a clear idea of what the work will involve. For this reason it is ideal to start out with a budget within which you can work, and I will gladly help you figure out the best way to execute your idea within that goal.

To give you a better idea of what can affect the price, here are some examples that would raise or lower the project's cost.

➕ Additional frames
➕ 2 or more characters in a frame
➕ Fullbody views
➕ Nonstandard layouts/frames
➕ Complex scenes/panels/characters

➖ No dialog
➖ 4 or fewer total frames
➖ Monochrome panels in a colour comic
➖ Simple or plain backgrounds
➖ Reusing/repeating panels


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Hello! My name is Chocolate Kitsune, and I'm a furry fetish artist. I mainly specialize in kinks such as hypnosis, transformation, and ageplay, but I enjoy working on more vanilla and SFW themes just as much.

I also love working on video game related projects like fanart and self-insert art.

Don't be shy to ask about themes I've not drawn before; I'm open to the vast majority of ideas, and I don't offend easily either.