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[Experimental] Shiny Version of your OC

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By commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service! 
Note: Completed piece will be signed!

Woah! You encountered a shiny! ;D

These are kind of silly commissions inspired by games that allow you to encounter uniquely coloured versions of creatures at very low odds ("shinies" most colloquially). 

Like above, the final piece will be coloured, minimally shaded, with few (or no) alterations to markings - and, of course, with a different palette than your OC's usual one! No progress sketches will be sent before completion due to time restrictions.

In order to decide which colours to use, I'll ask you for a short, few word prompt - such as 'fairy floss' or 'ocean' - or your favourite colour. There's an ~element of surprise~ here, so I'll only work from a couple of words for the palette :D

Update: A version of the piece without the unique coloration is now included in the price (as reflected in the update). The form also includes a new question about personality so that I can better represent your character.

Price equates to roughly $10/hr.
Price is subject to increase after initial openings of experimental commissions.
Love, Tiger 


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Hi there! I'm Tiger, nice to meet you!