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Finishing options are offered for most pieces.  I do not offer professional framing, as the insurance and weight of such items astronomically inflates shipping costs.

Available options include:

Wooden Hoop: $10
Canvas Stretching: $25
Board Mounting: $25
Inset Framing: $35
Throw Pillow: $50
Wall Scroll: $30

Otherwise, the fully-stitched loose fabric will be sent to you, to do with as you please.  Fabric has wide margins on all sides.  Framing is not available for pieces on plastic canvas.

Wooden hoops can be painted or stained at no additional cost.  Depending on options and availability, inset framing may be painted or stained, or simply purchased as is.

As this is an add-on, a strict refund policy will be enforced.


About the Creator


All pattern downloads come with both a full-colour and black and white PDF, as well as the .chart file for XStitch Markup.

Are you a Creative Twitch streamer, or Flosstuber?  I offer free patterns to Creatives who use them in their videos and livestreams.  See this page for more info.

Commission Info

I do not have a set size for my queue, with the exception of Size A pieces.  Once a Size A piece is bought, the queue on those closes for ten days.  Otherwise, my queue opens and closes at random, as I feel comfortable taking new projects.  This is so deadlines don't stack on top of one another too closely.