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[CATALOGUE] Embroidered Tapestry

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Please note, the listing price is the starting point.  See charts below for pricing.

Fully hand-stitched tapestry art, ranging in dimensions from iron-on patches to poster-sized wall art.  Catalogue pieces are set sizes and options, at fixed-rate prices.  See charts below for full information on sizing and time options.

For additional sizes, please see the fully-custom listing.

Image conversions are pieces which use an existing image as the base.  Conversions will not be 1:1, and some difference in colour and loss of detail will occur.  Buyer must own full usage and distribution rights to any provided image.  If the buyer does not have a specific image in mind, I have a wide variety of stock resources at my disposal.  There is no licensing fee for the buyer when stock is used.

Drawn Bases

Drawn bases are +$60.  If a drawn-base, partial coverage piece is ordered, the $60 is applied after the discount.  This fee may be waived from Size A pieces consisting of simple headshots.  Fully-rendered art which is shrunken to fit will still be charged this fee.

Fabric Options

Not all pieces are available in all fabric options.  This may be due to limitations of the fabric itself, or to my own supply.  Some fabric can only be purchased in bulk, and if a piece is requested with such fabric, and I am out, there will be an additional fabric order fee.


Dyed fabric (partial coverage only)
Shipping (US addresses only)

Not Included:

Framing and other finishing options
Flair options