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What makes these sketches "refined?" Hopefully the examples speak for themselves, but generally, you can expect the lines to be cleaner and more defined as compared to my rough sketches.

Feminine characters only, please! (any gender, feminine body-type) Characters may be drawn "SFW nude" (no clothing, but no bits either, like a cartoon character) or in simple clothing (bras, spats, etc). These are generally "artistic freedom" commissions, but if you have a particular mood or theme in mind, I can try to accommodate you. If you have an idea but are unsure whether it's Ettie-appropriate, please feel free to ask!

Complex characters (horns, wings, spots, etc) or additional accessories ("my character always wears this ribbon!") may incur added costs on a case-by-case basis.

Please note, there may be certain species and types of characters I'm not able to draw, so please don't be upset if I decline your commission request! ;o;

These are drawn at a resolution of 350dpi on a canvas with dimensions of approximately 1500x1500px. Exact dimensions of the final canvas will vary. You will receive a full-res JPG of the drawing (labeled LRG) as well as a low-res JPG (labeled SML) more suitable for posting and sharing.


About the Creator


Hiya! I'm ETTIE! Just one cool cat who likes anime and video games.

Unsure if your idea is Ettie-appropriate? Feel free to ask! I don't judge, and I only bite very softly.

You can find me at any of the sites below:

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