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Bojack Horseman Icon Commissions

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Your character/pet/friend/yourself drawn as if they're a character from the Netflix series Bojack Horseman!

All icons will include both day and night backgrounds of Bojack's deck but if you have a different area you'd want let me know and I'll see what I can do. It'll incur an extra $10 charge due to me having to make a completely new background. But I'll talk to you about it before I charge you of course.

I'm willing to do any species at all whether they've shown in the show or not and I'm also more than happy to try humans!
If I try and feel like I can't do your request justice I'll of course refund you in full

For right now I can't do connecting icons for these but I'll work on making some backgrounds for that soon

I'm more than happy to accept payments through paypal just let me know when you send in your form!


About the Creator


Hey there!

I'm Gary but I also go by Rigby and Axton. I'm a freelance cartoonist stationed in the bluegrass state (Kentucky).

My pronouns are either It/Its/Itself or He/Him/His

I'm most active on twitter so if you have any questions for me that'd be a good place to try and get a hold of me!

But if you don't have a twitter you can of course email me at [email protected] as well

Here's where else you can find me:
Art Tumblr
Art Twitter

I'll be posting bases (both free and paid) and possibly adoptables in the future on here!

I've also opted into the monthly supporter beta and while I don't have any rewards system put in place just yet if it gains traction I'll absolutely be sure to add some! 
If you have suggestions for what would make you want to be a monthly supporter to me please let me know