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Custom Cross Stitch Pattern

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You provide an image, and I will turn it into a stitchable pattern.  Images can be simple sprites, photographs, drawings, or anything else.  Request a custom, hand-drawn pattern for $60.  All patterns are charted with WinStitch, and come with colour and black and white charts, a preview image of the conversion, and floss usage.


  • You must own the usage rights to the image
  • I need to know the dimensions you want the stitched piece to be
  • I need to know how many colours you are comfortable working with
  • I need to know if you want confetti (better colour blending) or blocks of colour (easier to stitch)
  • The brand of floss you prefer to work with.  By default, I chart for DMC.  If nothing is specified, this is the brand I will chart for.
  • If using DMC, whether you want the new colour packs, or the pre-2012 availability.

When requesting this project, please include all of the information listed above, as it will help me get started sooner.  Once I am finished, you will receive a standard pattern ZIP file.

Patrons receive a discount on this item.