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I'll illustrate something for you. Have an idea you can't seem to get down onto paper? You wanna see John Cena suplex a bus? Hell Yeah, me too. Or maybe you want to see your DND party hang out. I'll do it for you... problem solved. 

Sketches start at $20
2 character base. extra characters $5 a character
Color : +$10
Not working NSFW right now. sorry!


About the Creator

Mikey P

New Creator

Hey Hello!
My Name Is Mikey. I'm a storyboard artist and animator currently in between jobs right now! I've done work in the past for The Game Grumps, TedED, and many many reanimate projects like Shrek Retold, Kirby Reanimate, and Animate-a-Grump to name a few.
I have a bunch of cool commission options for you... like icons, illustrations, and the option to be drawn hanging out with your favorite character. 
Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visit!

Please check out my work at www.pattenpending.org