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Single character, simple

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You get artwork of one character doing whatever you want (within reason).

This tier covers characters with designs that are simpler to draw, not complex.  If I deem your character design or your requested pose complex, I will refer you to the other tier.

$40 to $50 depending on how simple they are. 

● Flat colour by default. For shading, +$3 to the price.
I can also colour the lineart. This is a small detail but it adds a nice touch. Free by request.
● Any work I do on alt versions (faces, body parts, etc.) will add on small charges as well.
● White or transparent or simple | backgrounds are free.  More complex | backgrounds are negotiable.
● SFW or 18+. 


About the Creator

Afterglow Ampharos

Whoa hi there friend. My name's Afterglow. Thanks for coming to purchase my cute doodles or stories!

I'm a Pokemon furry: I roleplay (non-anthro) Pokemon, and have a Pokesona instead of a fursona. I got quite good at writing fiction from a decade of RP experience. I'm male, bi, and Canadian.

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You may share my artwork wherever you like, just make sure to include a link to that art's submission webpage or to my art gallery ok? Thank you!