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Cleaned-Up Sketch Character Illustration

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This listing is for a cleaned-up sketch commission of your character. This means that the character will be sketched, then have the main lines emphasized more fully and other lines gently erased away to create line art that still has a textured, sketchy look to it.

This entire piece is line art, regardless of which ladder options chosen.


The following are ladder options you may choose if you increase your buy price:

More characters:

  • Two: $48
  • Three: $70
  • Four: $90

If your character has wings, you will need to add this to the listing price, per each character (or pay this extra after winning the listing).

  • +$15
Clothes & Props

If you'd like clothes or accessories for your character(s), add your choice below to the listing price, per each character (or pay this extra after winning the listing).

  • Small/simple accessories, such as shorts, tunic, bandages, a few bracelets/earrings, etc.: +$2
  • A small/simple weapon, such as a dagger, hatchet or basic staff: +$7
  • Full clothes, including cloaks or several accessories: +$12
  • A complex weapon, such as a sword or magical staff, especially from a game like World of Warcraft: +$17

WIP preview:

  • Please add +$10 to the auction price if you would like to add 1 WIP sketch to ensure I have your character's details right; You can suggest edits/additions which I will take into account as I move forward
If you require more edits, my hourly rate is $25USD.

Most clients have been very happy with my commissions and did not need to see WIPs or ask for edits.

I aim to finish this commission within 7 days. This may be delayed if personal issues come up (rare) or if getting feedback from you on WIPs is delayed.

Feel free to ask me about this commission via Telegram.


I reserve the right to cancel your commission request for any reason, and am not obligated to disclose that reason. You will receive a full refund/not be charged if I cancel your commission before work begins. Please see my full terms of service.

Thanks for buying!


About the Creator


New Creator

I hail from Chicago but find my home wandering the earth in my travels. Currently in New Zealand, but heading to France, Spain, and Australia next. Join my travels as a wandering artist on Patreon and earn neat rewards.

I specialize in anthropormorphic animals, leaning more on the "feral" and fantasy side than the more humanized "furry" style. I love all things beastly and fantastical.