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No colors, no shading, nothing. It's just finished lineart/inks, but the good news is: I pay a lot of attention to making my inks look nice. It's like they're out of a coloring book or something. In fact, you can color your lineart commission yourself if you feel like it (but ask before posting it online)!

Please specify which of the following you would like:
  • Close-up: 30 dollars
  • Medium shot: 35 dollars (default price)
  • Fullbody illustration: 40 dollars.

I will charge +10% of the base price if the character has a very complicated design.
Each extra character will cost extra.
If neither you or Google can provide me with reference pictures (i.e. not descriptions) I won't draw it.

About backgrounds:
I might add a flat/gradient background on my own if I feel like the drawing needs it. If you want some kind of a proper background, ask about it. An abstract background depending on the amount of detail will cost at least 5 dollars more, but if you want a non-abstract background (anything that requires proper use of perspective, aka realistic backgrounds) the price is going to up at least 10 dollars. 

Please remember to check the Creator Project Guidelines. ↗️ I


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Commissions only partially open! Sorry about the inconvenience!

Hiya, I'm Kaninchenbau, a queer European who specializes in drawing magical girl comics and other fun/cutesy stuff!

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