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Pencil Drawing - Colour

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  • This listing is for a single, fully finished colour piece in traditional pencils by professional portraiture, sci-fi and fantasy artist and illustrator Debbie Jackson (Kelibath).
  • Prices start at $50 for one A5 portrait or character-based image with or without a simple background. Smaller size and larger size grounds are available and affect the material costs and completion time. The examples range from A4 to A7!
  • Subjects may include portraiture, character art, scenery and concept art, buildings, vehicles, landscapes and all other forms of digital painting and illustration. Drawings will be attractively rendered but fewer edits will be possible than with my full-scale digital commissions due to the constraints of the media. Backgrounds will be absent or of minimal detail as best befits the image, except in cases where the scenery is the main subject. This is the ideal commission to go for if you want a single piece of character art, a personalised avatar or something else which doesn't require days of careful detailing to look complete!  
  • This price is the base cost for a single piece; individual commissions are priced based on estimated hours worked, subject(s), image complexity, requested art style and requested revisions. Please provide all references and details desired in the final work as early as possible to avoid undue redesign costs! 
  • Your finished artwork will be scanned in and sent to you via email or other preferred method as a full-size lossless .png render as well as any other formats requested in the original brief. I will also retain a copy of the work to showcase as your commission in my DeviantArt and Facebook galleries in order to advertise my services, and other personal and portfolio use.  As the original artist I also reserve full distribution and usage rights unless otherwise agreed upon in writing as per below. Arrangements can be made to post the original paper copy at extra cost. 
  • Your finished commission will be fully licensed for your personal, non-commercial use including, but not limited to, single at-home printing, icons, forum avatars, signatures, layouts, and for display on personal and social media websites and blogs where accompanied with a link back to me or credit to me as the artist. 
  • Commercial and non-commercial redistribution rights and licensing rights are not included in this commission as standard, but can be purchased to accompany any personal piece following mutual discussion. Price varies according to the scale and type of project. Professional commissions for mass commercial use are also available on request. Please get in contact!


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