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"It will be completely dark - rip out the heart." Why does school make children suffer?

Our culture is a culture of strong and patient people. We teach children resilience from childhood. We offer you to endure the lesson, grit your teeth while working on meaningless homework, somehow hold out during the principal's solemn speech. Less persistent this speech could break. It may be difficult now, but if suddenly there is a war ... We have prepared a sensational revelation: hey, guys, all this was not necessary. School should not be painful at all, and lessons should not be endured.

We parents are strong people. In any case, we were able to survive the school and again bring the children there with the admonition: "It is hard in learning - we will sleep off in another life." Or hard in writing homework - you can live easier. So writing an essay encourages critical thinking, and if you use Bid for writing, you can teach your child to think well. This is important for your child, as the ability to think correctly is one of the keys to a successful life and a good education.

Just look at the books from the school curriculum. Danko rips out his heart to light the way for his comrades, Andriy from Taras Bulba survives torture without crying out, and the girls, showing character, rush off the cliffs. Well, ok, at best, they marry people next to whom you can safely devote your future life to suffering. But all these characters give us an example.
An example of how to behave if things don't go the way you planned.

Do not whine, do not stomp your feet, but with dignity accept the darkness of the forest around.It will be completely dark - tear out the heart

In 2004, Gallup asked American teenagers what word they associated school with. Among the 50 words to choose from, children most often called "boredom" (first place) and "fatigue" (second place). Only the word “happiness” came in third place by a wide margin, but there is a suspicion that it was called by children whose holidays began the next day. Well, that's the most miserable thing about teaching kids. If you see that the child is not interested in writing a written work, then use the help from and you can encourage interest in writing a written work. Since the inability to correctly compose a written work leads to apathy and then to an unwillingness to do anything.

Do an experiment at home. Give the children a choice of several words of different emotional colors and ask which of them are most similar to the feelings that the child experiences at school. This will encourage your child to think analytically and it will teach him to write down his feelings on a piece of paper. This will help a lot when writing papers, but college essay writing service will help even better and you will see how your child writes papers at a fast pace. Such an experiment will not only motivate you to write a written work, but it will also be easier in life, since analytical thinking plays an important role in life.

And if these words do not resonate with something like “curiosity”, “overcoming”, “search”, then one can wonder what, in fact, a person does most of the time.And why?

At the school where I work, game formats are being introduced with might and main. Practice shows that children are better turned on when the curriculum consists of naval combat, game navigation on the world map and role-playing debates. However, many parents worry: “Hey,” they say, “why is the child having fun all the time? And when will he start poring over something boring?

- Why? we are perplexed.

- Well, how about - and train the will?

- Will and perseverance are fully developed in the game. You should have seen how your Mark did not surrender his province to the last under the onslaught of the barbarians.

- It's games, entertainment! And life will be hard for him. You have to get used to the hardships...
The fact that the parent does not see what hardships of life the character had to endure at the end of the Roman Empire is nothing.

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