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Wait It Out (The True Nature Of Women)

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So I was out with a couple of my female friends last night when I realized something. One of them said something to me, and personally, I think she is a very pretty girl. Anyhow, she has a boyfriend that I KNOW she doesn't like and doesn't want to be with. I knew she could have other guys, but couldn't quite figure out why she didn't just dump the guy yet. Moving on, we were out talking about her hooking up with other guys, when things got interesting.

In short, she only wanted the best-looking guys in the bar. With every other guy, she would find little problems, even though there was nothing really wrong with them. Going back to her boyfriend, I know that he is a pretty boy. Where am I going with this? Hold on, I'll get to it in a second.

Anyhow, I'm sure that you remember when I said that nightclubs under-value good-looking men, as even the men that are pretty good-looking will get rejected by the most average-looking chicks. Continuing, I was exchanging texts with an old flame that I never had sex with (she thinks that I am a whore). At that moment, something just clicked. I asked myself "Why does this girl say that she will never have sex with or date me, but continues to make sure that she stays in touch with me, invites me out, and makes out with me almost every time that we're together?"

When I asked myself that question, it all started to make sense. Think about it. Most girls go after the tip-top guys that they know they'll never get. Most women know that they're destined to be with an average-looking guy because of this. So what happens when one of these girls meets a good-looking guy that is into them, but is not the right match for personality or lifestyle reasons (for example, women being turned off by the high number of women that I've slept with)?

Do you know what happens? They make sure that they keep you around. That's what happens. They hold on to the thought that they're going to get the good-looking guy with the perfect personality. However, as a woman, if they aren't a perfect 10, they know that they aren't going to be able to get too many really good-looking men that'll commit, so what do they do? They hold on to you as their insurance policy. They may or may not sleep with or date you, but they make sure that they keep you around.

But why else would I be saying this? One girl knows that I have a girlfriend and flat out says that she doesn't care (as in she's not going to stop how she behaves with me). She's also had boyfriends that she cheated on with me (make-out only). I've seen a couple of them, and I know that they don't compare to me in the looks department.

A few other girls have expressed their distaste of my history as a player and said that they'd never date me because of it. However, several of these girls have cheated on their boyfriends with me (making out and/or secretly sending me messages critisizing and talking to me as if I am their boyfriend). And some have even gone as far as have sex with me or sent me very sexual messages while they have had boyfriends that I know I look better than.

And yesterday, a female friend told me that a man's looks are VERY important to her, which seems to be in line with what a few other females have told me. So what is the point of this post? If you know that you're a pretty good-looking guy, and you have a girl trying to string you along, know that this is why she is doing it. You are her insurance policy. She does not like something about your personality or history, and is holding on to you as her back-up plan. The guys that she normally gets don't look anywhere near as good as you do, however, she is hoping to get a good-looking guy that is more in line with what she wants personality and/or background wise.

So what can you do with this information? Knowing that the odds are against her that she'll actually find a good-looking guy that has the perfect background AND is willing to commit, you can wait it out knowing that she will eventually date you (it has happened to me on multiple occassions). You can use her as social proof when you're out. You can use her against other women to create an intense jealousy. Or you can flat out cut her off, knowing that she is using you as an insurance policy to ensure that she ultimately ends up with a pretty boy no matter what.

Whatever you do, there is no need to game her. She will keep on telling you that the two of you aren't going to happen, but she will continue to make sure that she stays in touch with you. You don't even have to contact these girls, as they will contact you when they are reminded that pretty boys aren't a dime a dozen; trying to give you just enough affection to keep you around and thinking about them. Many times, these women will contact you when you least expect them to. Now you know what they're up to.


Some of you may be sick and tired of me talking about looks, but I usually go on these streaks on certain subjects for awhile. Deal with it.