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Artist Stats:
Name: Bea  
Pronouns: They/Them.
Moody Trans Hog

Hi, my name is Bea! I am a black non-binary artist. My work is mostly NSFW and focuses on cute fat bodies. I also love to do character design work and make adoptables. I really appreciate your interest in my work. If you are interested in ordering a commission please be sure to refer to the guidelines/rules here.
Please be advised that I will only be taking 6-10 slots per commission batch. Please know that commissions will take between 4-6weeks for completion.*

I can be contacted via email at [email protected], this is also the address that visual references should be sent to.
If you are uncomfortable using commiss for payment you can email me for other payment options. Thank you!

I reserve the right to post commissions to my blog(s),website(s), and galleries for promotional and advertising purposes. I also reserve the right to refuse any commission at my discretion. Spamming the same request/form will result in a block from me on all accounts possible and a refusal to offer services henceforth.

*I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Which causes me to become extremely exhausted. I want to ensure that I have adequate time to finish the batches while also ensuring quality. Thank you in advance for being understanding.