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If you're here then that could only mean one of two things...
  1. you for some odd reason stumbled here on accident and will quickly realize your urgent need to escape OR
  2. you for some even odder reason are interested in my art! 

If you're someone from option two then...bless your beautiful soul.
I can't even put into words how much it means to me that you're here. even if you don't commission something, the simple fact that you take interest gives me life.

I've only very recently got into drawing (december of 2015 is when I got my first drawing tablet) and since then I've been trying hard to improve myself!

Unlike a lot of artists I don't have a sad story or am using art as a last course of action to make's honestly just something that makes me really happy!
It's one of my dreams to have a job that I love doing and can live off of, it's something that I want to never give up on, because I truly believe people don't have to settle for a job they hate to make money.
I have a job now, I work as a dog bather for a pet salon by my house, and I absolutely love doing that but unfortunately it's not enough money to get me where I want to be (I want to move out and be in my own apartment with a roommate and my two cats by June 2017). If people are interested enough in my work where I can use art as another source of income that would be absolutely INCREDIBLE!

So thank you all for even glancing at this page!
Thank you to all who like my art and commission me.

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