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Hello everyone of this website, the name karma and I will do the drawing of your character as long i get paid.

tumblr/twitter/newground/pixiv/furaffinity/ko-fi/DA/ paypal: paypal.me/Karnaluck2014
I can draw:
-characters that don't look complicated to draw
-somewhat of gore

I can't draw:
-characters that does look complicated to draw
-vehicles and somewhat of a machine
-nsfw, really i can't since i don't know how to and that i'm easily embarrass to

do please give me a reference of the characters you want me to draw. if it in writing info and not drawing info, do give me a reference of many thing like clothing and hair style, color, etc

(notes: i do recommend you using the paypal link of mine since this website doesn't have the link of it yet so please do use it unless it is noted due to the fact that i may or may not be the one that is testing the paypal link or not)