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Whoa hi there friend. My name's Afterglow, though I've also gone by Sparkz. Thanks for coming to purchase my cute doodles or stories!

I'm a Pokémon RPer, writer, Pokémon artist, and Nintendo fan.
I also like cute critters of other natures.
Basically, I'm a Non-anthro furry.

Furaffinity link
Inkbunny link
Twitter link (SFW art)
Twitter link (18+ only) 

You may share my artwork wherever you like, just make sure to include a link to that art's submission webpage or to my art gallery ok? Thank you! 

(I tend to spend time on correcting small details more than other artists, since I am a person living with OCPD.  This is both good and bad: Your commission will take longer, but I will have put a lot of work into correcting details that looked off.)

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