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I write a story for you, usually with some clean story in the first part and then some smut in the last part.

You give me details about what you want in the story, such as characters, setting, events, twists, actions, scenarios.

$15 per 1000 words.
I'll probably just write as many words as your story idea leads me to write, so I may not know how many words it will be until it's done.
I will charge you $15 up front, then when the project is done and I know the final word count, I'll charge you the full amount.
IF you have a cap limit to how much you can afford, make sure to let me know so I don't make the story too long.

Process and what to expect: 
Typically, I will make a preview, maybe the first several paragraphs or so, just to make sure that I am writing what you want. Then, when you approve of that, I’ll continue to write.  I may show you progress as I go if you'd like.  I'll edit the writing until we are both satisfied with the piece.  


About the Creator

Afterglow Ampharos

Whoa hi there friend. My name's Afterglow. Thanks for coming to purchase my cute doodles or stories!

I'm a Pokemon furry: I roleplay (non-anthro) Pokemon, and have a Pokesona instead of a fursona. I got quite good at writing fiction from a decade of RP experience. I'm male, bi, and Canadian.

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You may share my artwork wherever you like, just make sure to include a link to that art's submission webpage or to my art gallery ok? Thank you!