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Vtuber / Live2D Model and Rig with Face Tracking

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$800 FOR MODEL AND RIG (half-body)
$1000 FOR MODEL AND RIG (full-body)

Will draw: furry/anthro, cartoon characters, anime characters
Will not draw: explicit/NSFW content

Digital Painted Chibi commissions include:
  • includes .psd file and folder containing all the files needed to stream for Live2D with FaceRig and Vtube Studio
  • requires existing reference of character; designing character without reference will incur additional fee
  • will include basic facial rigging (jaw/mouth, eyes, ears, and simple hair); please note any additional parts that need physics
  • will include basic expressions (neutral, smile, frown); please note any additional expressions desired (will increase price)
  • prices will increase based on complexity (including additional parts, complex hair, extra physics)

Turnaround Time (estimate):
4-8 weeks from commission payment


About the Creator


My name is Cass, and I’m a 29 year old female with an AAS degree in Visual Communication and certificate in Graphic Design. Self-taught illustrator. I love to be able to synthesize ideas into visual mediums and collaborate with others to help actualize creative visions!

Current Work Availability is Monday-Friday from 10AM-5PM CST.