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Man and sheep

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One day, when I was dealing with a business in my office, the president, Yu Shikou, came in. He looked at me from front to back and from left to right, and then aimed his eyes at my eyes. He stared at me in a daze. Suddenly, a kind of panic passed over his face. He said in a trembling voice, "Come to my office." When he said this, he looked frightened, as if I were a monster. When he had finished, he walked quickly. He walked as fast as flying. When I got up from behind my desk and went out into the corridor, he had disappeared. When I went to his office on the east side of the second floor, he looked at me again with a terrible look and said in a trembling voice, "What's the matter with you?"? Why are your eyes.. And how your skin, your complexion, your fingers are that.. You also have hair on your body. What on earth is going on. I knew I couldn't hide it, so I told the truth. As soon as Yu Shikou heard this, his face turned grey, but in a twinkling of an eye it turned white again, as white as a piece of paper. His fingers trembled, his body trembled, and he stammered, "What is this?" I talked about the process of working at the cashier's counter and the stimulation of the smell of money to my brain nerves. On hearing this, he became angry and said, "You are talking nonsense.". How many people in the branch are dealing with money? No one has changed. Only you have become a sheep. This shows that the change is caused by internal reasons, not external reasons. So,medium duty racking, don't put the blame on the branch. You can only find the reason from yourself. But now that you have mutated, it's a little inappropriate to stay in the branch, so you have to consider leaving the branch and the people in the branch, because our branch can't let a sheep who is not a person work here. My suggestion is that you leave the branch immediately, hide somewhere, and never appear in the branch again. And you have to keep this change confidential, and you can't announce it to the public. As soon as the announcement is made, the whole country and even the whole world will know that the threshold of our branch will be broken. So? You should leave the branch right now. I said, "But I am a state worker.". How can you just leave? Yu Shikou stared and said, "If you don't leave, you can't go to work now anyway. You have to find a place to hide so that people can't see you." I said, "Can't I hide?" More than ten eyes bulged up: "No!"! You must leave the branch now, as of today. If you don't leave, Automated warehouse systems ,teardrop pallet racking, I won't be responsible for any more problems in the branch. You think about it. I tilted my head and suddenly imitated the sheep's cry: "Baa!" " The sound startled Yu Shikou. His complexion changed, say tremblingly: "You leave quickly, you do not go to work namely also can, I let accountant go up to send salary to you.". You just stay at home. I beg you, Comrade Dadi. You must not dare to make trouble for me. I know that Yu Shikou has his difficulties. Over the past few years, under his "correct" leadership, strange things have happened one after another in the branch. Either the treasury money has been stolen, or the workers have gathered together to gamble or go whoring, or there has been a fatal case. There are also some workers who take bribes, and some who have power in their hands use their power to engage in unhealthy practices, rectify enterprises, and wantonly plunder money from enterprises. Others are engaged in collective prostitution activities outside. People bring prostitutes into their homes. It had a very bad impact on the branch. However, Yu Shikou failed to deal with these problems. Instead, he acted as a monk for a day and tolerated the misdeeds of the workers. Now there is me, the shape-shifter, and he must be very angry and frightened. I knew there would be no good result if I went on, so I left the president's office and went to the corridor outside. The corridor was full of people from all departments of the branch. When they saw me coming out, they ran away with a shout. Several people lost their shoes when they ran. They ran into their offices barefoot without picking up their shoes. The door was closed with a "bang", and for a time the six-storey building of the branch sounded a stormy sound of closing the door, one after another. I was standing in the office of the credit section of the branch. It was empty now. There was no one there. People didn't know where they had gone. I had a sudden feeling of fear. I know that I have now become a foreign body, a so-called person who has become a sheep. I'm not qualified to live here anymore. There was a dull pain in my heart when I thought that I would leave the place where I had lived and worked for more than ten years. I suddenly remembered Jia Jia, a female statistician in the credit department. I went to sit behind her desk. There was a perfume smell on her desk. It was a familiar smell. I often fell asleep in that smell. But she doesn't know where to go now. She is my lover, my admirer, and the only person I can trust in the branch. Most of the time, we go to the movies and plays together, or go dancing in the dance hall. When we dance together, she always holds me tightly, and her soft cheeks press my cheeks tightly. When her hairy hair brushed against my face, the blood of my body would rush to my head. We danced round and round to the sound of the music, and we didn't go back until the dance was over. After we went back, Jia Jia would sleep in my dormitory, and I would *** with her tirelessly that night, again and again, until we were both tired and panting, sweating profusely, and the sheets under our bodies were wet with sweat. We would often have a date every few days, and before the date, Jia Jia would always find many reasons to coax her short husband, and her husband would agree that she would not come home at night. I can't remember how many times we had a tryst together, but everyone knows that we are a pair of iron lovers, and that kind of relationship will not change. But not now, I have become an alien,push back racking system, can no longer live in the crowd, in this case, Jia Jia will still associate with me? I decided to find Jia Jia.


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