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Do you need a comic page made? Maybe you want to immortalize an epic scene from your DnD game, tell part of your worldbuilding with it, turn your script into a finished page, or something else. I can help. 

What this listing includes: One comic page, any number of panels, letter or similar size at print resolution(300DPI), with colour and lettering finished. If you can do one of those yourself, or don't feel like your concept needs it, let me know and a small discount can be applied, up to $25 off. If you have an idea for a different format- newspaper, single or four-panel or something else, then I may not be the artist for you. If you're sure I am, contact me and we can discuss your vision.

For the process: once you send me your script, I'll do up some thumbnails and we can go from there. I'm happy to provide a few progress stages for you to give feedback on, and I've included some in my samples so that you can see what that looks like.
Just as any character drawing, I'll need complete references. 

Content: I'm generally comfortable with dark, violent, or adult material and sexual content. 

I can do multiple pages, but lets do one at a time first if it's our first time working together. 

A note: you'll see in the samples that my comic page art is... maybe not as detailed or polished as other art I post. That should be your expectation- this is what I can do at this price point, a focus on clear action and page readability over 100% accuracy or rendering every detail. If you want the best art I can make in every panel... let's talk first. That's much more time consuming, not someting I always can fit into my schedule, and the price would be double or more.

You'll get a print-resolution file, and of course any kind of personal use is fine. I'll use the comic in my portfolio and might repost it from time to time. Limited commercial use is also permitted- include it in your gaming book, as part of educational materials, as a promo for your stand-up comedy act. Anything where the comic is not the primary end product. If you require a broader commercial use than this, or want to make a book or story that you/we can submit to a publisher, please contact me first.


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Zed Nope

Just love drawing.