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Character Portrait - Painted (Digital)

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This commission offer is for a 3/4ths (knee up) single character portrait. Done in a digitally painted-like style.

  • I will do original characters and fan art. Regardless of what it is, VISUAL REFERENCES MUST BE PROVIDED. No exceptions. I do not work well from written descriptions.
  • Commissions must be SFW.
  • I am open to drawing just about any subject matter, though I confess I'm not good at mecha or non-anthropomorphic animals.
Turn around time is 2-3 weeks at the very latest. If any extraordinary circumstances occur in my life that prevent me from finishing in a timely manner, I will issue a refund.

Thanks for looking, and take care!


About the Creator

Katie Morning

New Creator

All Filler, No Substance | Perpetual Outlier | Per aspera ad astra (77)

I enjoy drawing people, funny animal people, funny space people, and characters from popular media that get no love.

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