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FFXIV character commissions

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Hi hello, I will draw your character (or whoever!)
I will draw:
pencil lineart: basically a sketch, I also use these for the lineart when coloring hence the lack of an ink option
simple gray tones: 2-4 levels of gray block filling, may include smaller tone details like scars or freckles that wouldn't necessarily show in the lineart
simple color: full set of flat colors, may include things like gradient or ombre effects on clothes or hair

The level of detail I'll include depends somewhat on the references you send me. I'll generally try to draw what I see unless you request something different. (e.g. my wol only has white freckles on his face in game, but I draw him with them all over) I'll also tend to simplify some of the more complex designs on the clothing and weapons in FFXIV since they are very intricate and can look messy when drawn by hand if I try to fit every little detail in. If a particular detail or feature is important to include please let me know and I will not simplify it.

Refer to the chart in the example image or the list below for prices, all prices are listed in USD:
sketch: $20
grey: $25
color: $35
Waist up (including arms/hands if the pose calls for it)
sketch: $40
grey: $45
color: $55
Full body
sketch: $50
grey: $60
color: $70

Additional characters
I'm happy to draw up to three characters in an image. Please double the price for a second character or triple it for three characters. e.g. if one character is $50, two would be $100, and three would be $150
WoL/WoL ships are OK!
WoL/NPC ships are OK!
NPC/NPC ships are OK!
NSFW content is OK! (provided both you and the characters are adults)

Other important instructions I am begging you to please follow:
-Please send all important info and reference images to me through, if you send it to me through any other means there is an 100% chance I will forget or lose whatever it is. Don't assume I have anything you didn't send through
-pleasepleaseplease keep an eye on your messages! should email you when I send you something.  I often send progress shots to make sure things are okay and I cannot continue work on your drawing if you ignore those. 
-the final art will also be sent via please do not ignore this either
-I am comfortable drawing most sorts of things but I reserve the right to say no to a request if I am not.

Thank you!


About the Creator

Kieran Thompson

I'm a gay trans man and I draw comics where boys kiss each other. Usually there's elves and magic and stuff somewhere in there too. My favorite thing to get commissioned for is your OC. For a larger gallery of art samples please see

If you'd like to commission me for something other than my standard items, please contact me and we can probably work something out. I can be flexible on pricing within reason. For corporate freelance my work email is [email protected], please contact me there as I do charge more for larger jobs and those involving reproduction rights. Thanks!

You can find my comics at
Or Follow me on Social Media: Tumblr, Twitter, Pillowfort
I also have a Patreon and an and a teepublic