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Hearing this, Tong Ran sneered, "When you see Li Yining, do you dare to say that you are not soft-hearted to Li Yining?" Jiang yuan didn't say anything. Tong Ran snorted, "I'm bored to death with Li Yining. She's obviously a spoiled young lady. She doesn't do anything, but she always looks kind and lovely." Her eyes were red and she looked at Jiang yuan with tears in her eyes. "Are you still attracted by her like this?" Looking at the tears of beauty, men are always reluctant to part. "I didn't," said Jiang yuan. He glanced at the camera not far away. "It's not a good time for us to talk about this. The photography teacher is still here." After thinking about it, he patted Tong Ran on the head and whispered, "Let's go that way, just the two of us." "Mmm." Li Yining did not know about this. She asked where Huo Shen had gone. Huo Shen was curious and pointed: "Over there." "Are there many people there?" "There is a tour group." Hearing this, Li Yining's eyes lit up. "Really? Let's go there." Huo Shen doesn't know why to look at her. Li Yining would not care to explain more with Huo Shen, nor would he have the idea of keeping a distance from him. She has a big plan to make money now. In this way, a group of directors followed them to the place where the tour group was located. There were many people in this place. The tour guide in front of them was organizing the team with a small loudspeaker to let them pay attention to safety and so on. Li Yining rushed up with a vigorous step and looked at the tour guide: "Sister tour guide, is your horse also rented?" "Yes." The guide looked at her. "Do you want to rent a horse? There is one over there." " Li Yining waved his hand: "May I borrow your trumpet?" "Huh?"? Yes, you can. Li Yining borrowed the trumpet smoothly and looked at Huo Shen: "Do you know how much we rented this horse?" Huo Shen:.. Uh Li Yining pointed: "Do you know how strong your fan base is?" Huo Shen continued:.. What do you want to say? Li Yining put the trumpet into his hand and said bluntly,calcium nitrate sol, "Come on, Mr. Huo, it's time to exert your charm. Now you sublet our horse, and we can make a lot of money." All: "??" [Hahahahaha, ***, Li Yining is a logical genius!] Hahahahahaha Li Yining is clever to make money. How dare she tease Huo Yingdi? [Suddenly it's wonderful. It was so boring before.] Hahahahahaha,Magnesium Sulphate producer, I think all the jokes in this program are provided by Li Yining. [I suddenly found that Li Yining is bold and smart. In fact, the horse Mr. Huo rode can really make money. After all, it's for the effect of the program. It's normal to make money by taking pictures.] Didn't anyone find out.. Teacher Huo is very gentle when he talks to Li Yining. I feel that Huo Yingdi is a little impatient with Tong Ran, but for Li Yining. Although it is cold, it may feel different.] Huo Shen choked and couldn't believe what he heard. He looked sideways at the smiling man on one side and was distracted for a moment. What did you say Li Yining curled his lips: "Don't you understand? Use your advantage to make money." Huo Shen:.. Do not do. Li Yining was speechless: "If you don't earn the five hundred yuan, we will have no food to eat tomorrow." Smell speech, Huo Shenle. Why didn't you bargain at first? Li Yining muttered: "I would like to." She "Ai" sound, see Huo Shen is not moved, helpless sigh: "Forget it, I come." As she spoke, she grabbed the trumpet and said to the tourists not far away, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Oxide powder, "Don't miss it when you pass by!"! You deserve the horse that Mr. Huo Shen has ridden! Do you want to ride the same horse with Huo Yingdi? I have the same style here! Riding a horse for ten minutes, with a signature photo with Mr. Huo. Come on! Huo Shen:?? You are a genius, one second to remember: NBA novel network, the website is Chapter 23 after wearing the book. Huo Shen and even the staff of the director group were all shocked by Li Yining's coquettish operation. More importantly, not far from the tour group found Huo Shen, exclaimed, a slip of smoke all ran over. "Really, is it Mr. Huo?" "Yes, yes." In order to make money, Li Yining did not care about anything: "That's Mr. Huo. This is the horse that Mr. Huo just rode. It costs ten yuan to take a photo with the horse, twenty yuan to take a photo with Mr. Huo, and fifty yuan to get on the horse. Do you need it?" Little girls and aunts: "Yes, yes, I want!" " Huo Shen: "…" Li Yining controls this scene: "One by one, don't worry, we have a day's time here, don't worry, I'll log in first." When Tong Ran and Jiang yuan came back, Huo Shen was doing business with a "smile", while Li Yining was sitting beside him with a small bench-counting money. Stunned, Tong looked at the sudden scene and said, "Ning Ning, what are you doing?" Li Yining said, "Ah," and looked at Huo Shen: "Let Mr. Huo help make some money." Tong looked twice and suddenly understood. Ningning, how can you do this? "How can we let Mr. Huo make money?" She said. And let so many people take pictures with Mr. Huo. She murmured in a low voice: "What is the identity of our teacher Huo? How can we take pictures with them?" Hearing this, Li Yining lifted his eyelids and looked at her coldly: "What is the identity of Teacher Huo?" Tong Ran didn't say anything. Pointing to Huo Shen not far away, Li Yining said, "Teacher Huo, like all tourists, is an ordinary person. It's just that his work is relatively special. Why can't he take pictures with tourists?" Tong Ran was speechless by her and said gently, "But Mr. Huo is our guest after all. It's not good for the guest to make money." Li Yining said, "Well, I asked Mr. Huo for advice, and he agreed." In fact, if Huo Shen is unwilling,Magnesium Oxide price, Li Yining, even his wife on the marriage certificate, really dare not be so naughty.


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