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And the little girl's crotch is naturally a fiery red flame boy, no doubt, it is quite a matter of course to take the lead, rush ahead. The little girl was red all over today, with a red suit and a rosy cloak, a sandalwood bow slanting on her back shoulder, and a bag of white feather arrows hidden in the cloak showing a little head. Her waist was wrapped with the blood jade dragon whip given by her grandfather. This little girl is dressed in such an imposing way, against the red color of the red flame, shining in the burning sunset, they are like a reborn phoenix from the flame, which makes people have an indescribable shock. The little hoodlum leisurely enjoyed the superb riding skills of the little girl in front of her, only to see her riding steadily and freely on the back of the red flame without a saddle, galloping with the horse, gently undulating. The red flame has no saddle, and naturally there is no bridle. Because the gangster insisted on not putting the shackles on his precious godson. He believed that the subjugation of the Red Flame had deprived the Red Flame of a lot of freedom, and that if he saddled it again, the Red Flame would lose its unrestrained nature unique to the desert! This is not what he wanted when he tamed the red flame. As a result, the clever little girl turned her mind and sewed a soft yellow silk for the red flame, which was used as a saddle cushion and worn on the back of the red flame. In this way, even if she rode the red flame for a long journey, people and horses would not feel uncomfortable. Xiao Dao followed Xiao Hun's eyes and could not help chuckling: "You have to admit that the little girl's riding skills are much better than ours!" The gangster moved his hips in the saddle and said lazily, "Yes!"! At least,Warehouse storage racks, when I can't take care of her, it must be no problem for her to ride the Red Flame Boy to escape. Knife sneered, "You're not promising. You want to run away before you fight. Do you deserve to be a hero?" The small-time hoodlum smiled disapprovingly and said, "a hero can't be made by sheer foolishness!"! Brother. He smacked his lips lightly and then said, "I am preparing for the worst in advance, and then let myself die and live. I want to live in death and win in defeat.". If the worst comes to the worst, it's just a matter of running away. What am I afraid of? The knife was slightly stunned and said thoughtfully, "Your reason is quite new,heavy duty warehouse rack, but it's also quite interesting."! Plan for the worst and then do your best, then as long as there is a little bit of good results, everything will not be the worst. Uh! It's really interesting! "Yes," said the young hoodlum, "you know how to draw inferences about other cases from one instance. It's really a child who can be taught." Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, the knife pretended to be angry and made a sudden kick. The hoodlum laughed. After the flatterer dodged, he asked casually, "Brother, how long will it take us to get into the customs?" After a little estimation, Xiao Dao replied: "hurry up. Tomorrow evening we can arrive at Zhangjiakou. After Zhangjiakou, we can enter Juyongguan via Badaling. Calculate the days. If there are no other accidents, we can enter the customs in three days at the latest." Xiao Dao said with a faint smile, "The pass is only about fifty Li away from Beijing. It doesn't take half a day to get to Beijing. But if you want to find a Wulin dealer, it's hard to say how long it will take to find him.". "Anyway, when we get to Beijing, we'll go to the liquor store, Drive in racking system ,heavy duty racking system, and you can watch me perform the rest!" The little hoodlum scratched his head and said with a laugh, "Well, as soon as you arrive in the Central Plains, it's like a dragon returning to the sea. You'll get what you want. Instead, I'll become a fool. When the time comes, I'll listen to you." Xiao Dao said with a smile, "You know what's interesting. I barely wrote off the things you used to amuse me in the desert, so as not to let people say that my elder brother has no tolerance." The little hoodlum chuckled, and suddenly, on the quiet grassland, there was a faint sound of singing and dancing in the wind, full of lively and laughing music and human voices, which lured the people who heard it in the distance to want to fly with the music and laughter from their hearts! The little girl in front suddenly turned around and shouted excitedly, "Little hoodlum, Nadam Fair is being held on the prairie. Let's go quickly!" The little girl called out, regardless of three, seven, twenty-one, lightly clamping the horse's belly, urging the red flame to run fast. With a charming smile like a silver bell ringing in her mouth, she exclaimed, "Hurry up, brother Xiaodao!"! Let's go and see the Mongolian Nadam Fair. Have a good time! The punks rushed behind them, but no matter how fast their horses galloped, how could they catch up with the Red Flame Boy, who was known as the God of the Desert. Not a little while, two people already were left far, the figure of red flame and little girl is gradually dim, small hoodlum cannot help urgent cry: "little girl, you slow down, you say that what mother, what thing be after all?" Far away, the little girl slowly dismounted, impatiently waiting for the two of them, she was still on horseback, frequently looking at the place where the song came. As soon as they arrived, the little girl hurried on her horse again. She looked for the source of her laughter and said with a coquettish smile, "You are so stupid. You are Nadam, not a mother." For the first time, the gangster was laughed at and scolded for being stupid. He laughed twice and curled his lips and said, "It doesn't matter whether he is Nadam or his mother. What's going on? He can make you so excited that he almost didn't even want his husband and ran away alone!" With a red face and a laugh, the little girl explained, "The so-called Nadam Fair is a grand celebration held by Mongolian herdsmen to celebrate the autumn harvest. There are singing and dancing performances, as well as warrior wrestling and other programs. It is not only beautiful, but also the most lively and interesting event rarely seen on the grasslands here." Xiao Dao was puzzled and asked, "Why is it so rare to see in the grassland here?"? Can you see it in other grasslands? The little girl chuckled and said, "Because Nadam is a unique celebration of the Mongols. Except for the Menggu Grassland, which is held regularly every year, the grasslands in other places can only be seen in autumn,Steel racking system, and the Mongolian herdsmen haven't left yet. Of course, it's rare to see it!" Only then did Xiao Hun and Xiao Dao nod their heads. They were also infected with the excitement of the little girl. They couldn't wait to see the grand event of Nadam. After a gallop, the singing and the voices became clearer.


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