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Thorolhugil's Cute Squids (Deluxe)
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  ❤ If you like my work, please consider paying a few dollars extra for this pack!  ❤ 
 This listing is Pay-What-You-Want! This means that you may choose any price above the suggested one. 

Thorolhugil's Cute Squids is my first publicly available resource pack! Made available after the wildly successful reddit post, it affects only one thing: the squids.

This is the deluxe version, which in addition to the squid model and original blue and red textures, also features eight more textures for a total of ten textures, and additional functionality as detailed in the Features section below.

There is a free version, which contains only the improved model and original two textures (blue and red squids). You may find it here.

Please note that this pack requires Optifine to function. The version I (the author) used at the time of creation was HD_U_E6.



Cute Squids Deluxe includes eight squid skins and two octopus skins.
Two of the textures are bioluminescent, which means that they will glow regardless of light level (see image 2).

If you want a specific squid type (e.g. for an aquarium), all skins have a corresponding name. All you need to do is use a name tag with the right name!
The names, in order of skins as shown in header image:

blue squid, red squid, black squid, white squid, copper squid, sandy squid, biolum dot squid, biolum stripe squid, red octopus, blue-ringed octopus

Additionally, there are some spawning conditions.
Squids will spawn with random skins. All skins are possible, though red and blue are most common; black, white, and octopuses are slightly less common; copper and sandy are less common; and bioluminescent are rare.

Bioluminescent and white squids are the only squids that will appear in deep oceans. In frozen oceans, frozen rivers, snowy beach, snowy tundra, and snowy taiga, white squids will be dominant.
Rivers will be bear red, blue, copper, sandy, and red octopus.
In the desert and desert lakes, only red, copper, and sandy may appear.


How to Install 

To use this pack, simply place the zip folder into your resource packs folder. If you do not know how to locate this folder, it can be quickly accessed by clicking 'open resource packs folder' from the resource packs menu in-game.
I recommend placing it above all your other packs in the resource pack menu, as it only affects the squid model and texture.


Terms of Use

  1. Do not remove the credits from the pack.
    These things mark packs as the work of their creators, and they are very important. They not only give credit to the creator, but also help you find it again, or find more of their work.

  2.  Do not remove the models or textures to integrate into other packs.
    You may NOT integrate the model and texture into other packs, as it is a paid pack.

  3. Do not redistribute.
    You may NOT redistribute the pack at all, with credits removed, or for profit. That includes ad-enabled links like Adfly. If you wish to share this pack, you must link to the original download page linked above.

  4. Do not alter.
    You may alter this pack for your own usage, but you may NOT redistribute these altered assets as your own, unless they are unrecognizable (e.g. you turned the squid into some weird sort of fish).

  5. All attribution must remain.
    Regardless of how you use the pack, and this is part of rules #1 and #2, make sure the credit remains alongside the model and textures. 

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