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Description: Usually 3+ layers of shading, and 3+ layers of lighting; can sometimes be under 3 layers, though. Can come with detailed shading. By default, comes with a gradient or simple background. Can come with a transparent background if asked for. Will have clean lines by default unless "sketchy" lines are requested.

​Mugshot - $54USD
Description: Head to pectorals
Portrait - $56USD
Description: Head to hip
Torso - $58USD
Description: Head to thighs.
Knees-up - $62
Description: Head to knees.
Full form - $64USD
Description: Head to toe (Sometimes might cut off right before the feet.)
Chibi - $26
Description: Head to toe.

Scenery costs $5USD-$20USD extra

Additional characters = +50% (mug/portrait/thigh)/80% (full form) base price.


About the Creator

Robin Grimmgall

New Creator


My name is Rob, however, please call me Grimm/y! I'm a developing artist specializing in anthropomorphic animals, though, I plan to take art classes soon to expand my horizon and draw more and more things! I'm currently taking commissions and art trades (tentatively) to receive money to pay for necessities.


VK || ArtStreet || FA || Furiffic || Ello || Tumblr || Wysp || Instagram || Twitter || Amino || About Me || Website || Pinterest || Links
Discord: Grimm#0894 || Telegram: Grimmgall


A monthly subscription will give you access to many different types of content. Here are the available tier and the rewards you will receive by subscribing.

$2 - Spectators Tier!
  • You will get access to my PSD files or step-by-step images.
  • You will get access to behind-the-scenes content and personal blogging (coming soon!).
  • You will get early access to upcoming releases.
  • You will receive early notifications when I am streaming art-related things.
  • Movie night: Vote for a movie and if I can find it, I will stream it for donators only. (Coming soon?)
  • You will receive a shoutout in all of my future content and/or a link to your preferred website in the description.
  • You get a little colored doodle randomly.
  • You get to vote for upcoming content, including suggesting fanart, one-off drawings, and mini-comics.
  • For $25/month, you will acquire an opportunity to have you or your character(s) featured in one or more of my projects. The number of appearances will all depend on your donation amount. For donations over $75/month, you may select the specific position of your character and suggest their dialogue.
  • For $5+, you get a certain discount off sales depending on the amount you donate. Discount percentages have a maximum of 75% off.
  • You'll earn my eternal gratitude.

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