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SKETCHBOOK | 01/2015 ~ 05/2015
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83 pages // some ink & color // lot of loose, fun doodles

  • FANDOM: Pokemon, Dragon Age: Origins, Sakana 
  • OC'S: Artie, Havi, Nikkolai, Stoli, Elodie, Tanum, Toby, Nero, Enzo, no name, Eli, Harvar, Auka, Kendall, Eli's brother, Eli's sister, Ciera
  • OC CREATION PROCESS: Tawg, Akila, Aster
  • OTHER OC'S: Easton, Arnam, Samson, Nikki, Xanthus, Issa, Provolone, Bunny, Langley, Vespa, Fang, Witch Hunter, Fair
  • commission concepts
  • short animation storyboards

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