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Flick [visual novel]
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A visual novel about a deaf child named Syn, who isn't quite sure what exactly they've gotten themselves into by stepping on a broken lightbulb in a mysterious forest.

The creator considers this story PG-13, but there are content warnings for:
  • Blood
  • Character death
  • Beings with no eyes
  • Flashing / flickering lights

Instructions to download:
Enter a 0 or higher in the $(number) box on the right and click on the big red button. It should lead you to the same page as this one, except you can now download the files below. Please click on either .zip file for your system. Then, downloading varies for systems.

For Mac users - your device may not accept you downloading from an unregistered or unknown publisher. Right-click on the app file and click "Open" to circumvent this block.

For Window users - Windows should be a bit better than this! Click on the app file and enjoy playing!

(Please let the creator know if there are any bugs in the visual novel and they'll fix it!)

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Temporary announcement: I'm working on revising and updating my listings at the moment to better reflect what I currently want to work on. Thanks for viewing this page!

Deaf nonbinary cartoonist! [they/them] [ze/zir] | Portfolio: | Personal site:

Be sure to check my Project Guidelines (aka ToS) before requesting a project, as well as your emails when commissioning from me! I don't do NSFW.