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He Xichen [wear quickly]

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You! You are shameless! Su Ruoyuan trembled his hand, and finally only popped out these words. In his view, Wen Daocun is indeed a good friend, flying jump off, bohemian, when friends can, but I am afraid it is not a good match for Su Jiu. Su Ruoyuan clenched his fist, his eyes were about to crack, his eyes contained a few incomprehensible grievances and looked at He Xichen, Wen Daocun and Su Jiu also turned their eyes to his side. He Xichen, who had received all the attention, nodded lightly: "Yes." Three person "I said, yes, when will the Geng Tie be delivered?"? Talk to your father and me about the day. Three person Chapter 5 Not Only in the Next (5) The horizon is red, and it will be dusk. The jujube trees in the courtyard are lush and dark, and occasionally magpies nest on them. He Xichen glanced at the two men opposite-Su Ruoyuan's face was expressionless, his eyes drooped and he thought deeply, while Su Jiu bit his lip and twisted his handkerchief nervously. They're all grown up. Su Ruoyuan is tall and tall, as handsome and elegant as bamboo, without the weakness of ordinary scholars, sleeves rolled up, and healthy muscle texture,gear reduction motor, there is a look of strength. Su Jiu is in her best years. Her eyebrows are like distant mountains. She is slim and graceful. She leans against the window and listens to the rain. And he's old. Ajiu, what do you think of Dao Cun? He Xichen asked gently. Without a trace of doubt and oppression in his eyes, Su Jiu's tense mind suddenly relaxed. She loosened the handkerchief wrapped around her fingers and looked straight at her most beloved father with clear pupils: "My heart is pleased with him, I.." I want to be with him for a lifetime. Su Ruoyuan's head hung even lower, and the momentum of his whole body was instantly dispirited. I know my brother loves me, but as Dad said, some things are good or bad only when they are done. Ajiu is not afraid of making mistakes. If she does, it's just the result of saying,Small Dc Gear Motor, "If you're heartless, I'll stop." "How can I be bullied by Su Ruoyuan's sister?" Su Ruoyuan suddenly stood up, just thinking that Su Jiu might suffer, he was very angry. On this side he was still immersed in a furious mood, but he Xichen laughed out loud. If Wen Daocun knew that you missed him so much, I'm afraid he would have to cry in front of the door for three days before he would give up. He Xichen did not have Su Ruoyuan's worries, look at the face to see the character, Wen Daocun is a henpecked, and Su Jiu although soft and weak, but very have their own ideas, who bully who really can not say. Su Jiu also pursed his lips and smiled, staring at He Xichen reproachfully. Su Ruoyuan was red-faced by the two of them, but he was embarrassed to ask himself what was wrong. But Ruoyuan is right. If you dare to offend my daughter of the Su family, you must be prepared to bear the consequences. He Xichen looked at the last ray of light in the sky being swallowed up by the darkness and gently raised a smile. The marriage between Wen Daocun and Su Jiu was settled very quickly. Two months later, on an auspicious day after many discussions, a grand wedding caused a sensation throughout Heyang Village. The young students, Vending Machine Motor ,Small Geared Motors, who had been taught by He Xichen, were dressed in neat clothes and obviously came prepared. The ten-mile long street was ten steps and one question. The Su family, which was sparsely populated, was very powerful. It seemed that the situation was to block Wen Daocun at the door. Even Lu Shuang also made a fuss over ancient books and turned out a few arithmetic problems, which baffled a large number of people. Finally, Wen Zhanhe, who could not bear to see them, came out and solved the problem and pulled Lu Shuang aside to let the wedding procession pass by. Thanks to the large number of scholars in the Wen family, everyone gave advice and sent Wen Daocun to the door of the Su family. In front of the gate decorated with jubilation, Su Ruoyuan stood with his hands on his back, looking unpredictable. He looked critically at Wen Daocun, who was accompanied by a smiling face, and it seemed that he would oppose the marriage in the next second. Wen Daocun was in a cold sweat, but he saw Su Ruoyuan flash past and get out of the way. Treat my sister well, or else! The unfinished meaning full of murderous look is obvious. Wen Daocun's face darkened. "Thank you, brother Ruoyuan!" At the end of the courtyard, Su Jiu, dressed in red makeup, stood beside He Xichen. Aunt Li wore a big red flower on her head and smiled. In the past seven years, the time like water was flowing, and the young lady like a green plum in the past put on a phoenix crown for him and solemnly promised him a long life together. Wen Daocun was too nervous to speak. Suddenly, he shook his head and smiled like a fool. Then he straightened his expression and bowed gratefully to He Xichen. The aftermath of the wedding was spent insipidly in the women's broken mouths, and the quiet house of Su was now only left with He Xichen and Su Ruoyuan, plus a nagging old servant woman, and the sound of cicadas resounded throughout the summer. Su Ruoyuan wrote a policy question in the shade under the eaves, looked up and saw his father knocking on the jujube tree beside the wall with a bamboo pole, and shook his head in amusement. What are you laughing at? He Xichen grabbed a handful of half-green and half-ripe dates and put them on his desk. He picked up his instrument and looked at it. "Next year," he said. Su Ruoyuan was surprised for a moment and felt that it was within expectation. Yes For six years, He Xichen did not let Su Ruoyuan go through the motions, one is to hone his mind, the other is to accumulate a lot, and the third is to fight his bones and muscles well. Su Ruoyuan, after all, is too thin, the scientific examination environment is bad, without a strong body, may not be able to hold out to the end. When Su Changqing came back from the provincial examination, he was seriously ill. Ruoyuan, you have a steady temper, never let me worry about it, but your mind is too heavy, sometimes you might as well discuss it with Daocun. Don't take it for granted. Although Dao Cun is a little detached, he is much more sophisticated than you in dealing with the world. "Father, why do you suddenly say these words?" Su Ruoyuan suddenly had a bad feeling. He Xichen laughed a few times and put his right fist against his lips and coughed a few times. "If you want to say something, just say it." The sound of the horse's hooves falling on the bluestone came along the alley, and an old black horse snorted and stopped at the door of Su's house. A few days ago, Aunt Li, who had gone home to visit relatives, climbed down carefully from the carriage,Gear Reduction Motor, carrying a bundle on her back. He Xichen hurried over to take a hand and beckoned the groom to come in for a cup of tea. The carriage was bought to hold the rich dowry when Su Jiu got married, but it was useful at ordinary times. He Xichen helped Aunt Li into the door and said gently, "I'll trouble you to take care of Ruoyuan's child in the future." 。


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