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Listen to impermanence.

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Jiang Qing continued to laugh: "The last time I called him five princes, he was in a hurry with me, saying that I was separated from him and did not want to play with him.". If you ask me, no woman will dare to marry Zhao Yin if he goes on like this. Although he is a prince, he only knows how to play all day and is ignorant. "Fei Yue!" The woman frowned. Jiang Qing pursed her lips and said, "Well, I won't talk nonsense." After acting like a spoiled child, she secretly tasted a mouthful of her brother's rice porridge. As a result, the mouthful was not fed to his brother's mouth. The two-year-old boy cried out for the first time. Jiang Qing immediately took the rattle to coax him to play. Walking along the memory all the way to a door, she stared at the red rope hanging under the beam outside the door. The red rope was already black, but the grass and insects hanging under it could no longer be seen. She took a deep breath and pursed her lips. "My room is next door." Passing through the other side of the small courtyard arch was the place where Jiang Qingyu lived from childhood to adulthood. Shan Xie saw that she didn't speak all the way, nor did she go directly to her room. Instead, she made a detour along her residence. Finally, she passed through the arch and stood in the courtyard where she lived. There were still some sad people just now. At this time, she suddenly burst out laughing. What's the matter? Shan Xie asked her. Pointing to a corner of his yard, Jiang Qing said, "Look, Lord Shan, is that a plum blossom?" The weeping plum of the stout trunk was luxuriant,tannic acid astringent, and the red and pink flowers on it were blooming brightly, growing in the corner, mostly in the yard, and half outside the yard. Snow covered the top, and many petals fell on the ground. The light fragrance blew along the wind. "More than thirty years," said Shan Xie. Jiang Qingyu pursed his lips and sighed, "Yes,ghana seed extract, I planted it on the day when the Jiang family was rehabilitated. I didn't expect that no one would take care of it for so many years, but it survived and grew very well." She nodded and asked jokingly, "May flowers be planted in the Hall of Ten Directions?" When she asked this question, she was walking to her house. Shan Xie followed her and asked, "Why do you want to plant flowers?" "Lord Shan, I don't know how many years you've lived in the Hall of Ten Directions. You've long been used to seeing the underworld. But look at the world. Flowers and plants are different. The underworld is dark. The only flower is the flower of the other shore. You can't touch it, let alone plant it in front of your house." Jiang Qingyu stretched out his hand to push the door open and strode inside: "The Shifang Hall is beautiful, but it always feels a little cold. If you can plant some flowers and plants, it must be much fresher." When she finished, she put her hands on her hips and looked around at her room. She was familiar and strange. One had lived in the world for twenty-five years, and the other had lived in the underworld for twenty-six years. According to the time, twenty-six years won. Jiang Qing said all the way with emotion, this time there is no extra thought and energy to remember the past, she still remembers the place where she hid things when she was a child, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,stesweet stevia, there is a hidden compartment under her bed board, which is full of her own treasures. The glass beads of her childhood, the beads she received for the first time in her life, the handkerchief embroidered by her sister, the earrings given by her new sister-in-law when she got married, and the jade pendant given by Zhao Yin, all of her precious things were in it. Of course, besides these, there were also letters written intermittently by Zhao Yin from the beginning of his marriage. None of the letters were sent out, and she wrote them all for herself, expressing her inner feelings. Jiang Qingyu took out the three letters he had written today from his bosom, then put the letters into them, and touched the things he was reluctant to give up. After all, he did not take them away, and put them all back. Lying on the ground and struggling to put the hidden box back, Jiang Qingyu clapped his hands and exhaled: "Now, just wait for me to tell Xu Wenqi about this place." Shan Xie asked her, "Besides these three letters, do you have any other tricks?" Jiang Qingyu went to the table and gently wiped the dust on the table. A thick layer of dust piled up on her fingertips. She blew her breath and patted the dust away before saying: "I have already thought of a way out in my heart. Even if this move can't clear my grievances in time, it can at least make the Dali Temple retry the case. But I have a feeling that this little spearhead alone is enough for Zhao Yin and Xu Wenxuan to make a big fuss." "Why don't I accompany you around the Jiang Mansion again, now that all the things that should be released have been released?" Single evil way. Jiang Qing's eyes brightened: "When did Lord Shan learn to comfort people?" Shan Xie pursed his lips, his eyes flashed a little emotion, but he always hid deep, Jiang Qing told him that the back of his hand behind him moved the corners of his mouth to know that he would say, so he did not guess. Sure enough, out of the courtyard, Jiang Qing heard Shan Xie say, "Your book of life and death has long been burned. I can't find out about your life, nor can I understand your past. It's rare to have a chance to come to your former residence. Let me meet you in the past." "Then you won't like me in the past." Jiang Qing grinned and suddenly thought of something. He took the other's hand and said, "I remember. There is a winter jujube tree in my backyard. The plum blossoms in my yard are blooming. Maybe the jujube tree is still alive. I used to pick it when I was a child. Let's go and pick jujubes to eat now!" Jiang Qingyu took Shan Xie's hand and ran to the backyard. Even though she hadn't been back for decades, she was very familiar with it. She ran all the way back along the path in her memory. When she arrived at the backyard pond, she saw the jujube tree. The jujube tree was very strong for decades. There were many jujubes on it, which covered the branches densely, and many of them fell into the side pool. By this time, the pool was already covered with weeds, which were piled up high. Jujubes were scattered among them, some of which were buried in the snow. Jiang Qing looked up at the jujube trees and said, "You wait, I'll pick them." "Too high." Shan Xie also looked up slightly, most of the dates were red, the snow pressed down the branches, he could reach out and touch some. Jiang Qing complained, "Those black ones are not delicious. There are red ones on the top. See?"? Absolutely sweet. Didn't you say you wanted to see me in the past? I'll show you what I do at home at a young age. When she finished,lycopene for skin, she clapped her hands and climbed up along the trunk. Shan Xie looked down. Jiang Qing said that it was easy to climb the tree by Lu Xin's body. A few times, she reached the fork of the branch. She stepped on the trunk and smiled down at Shan Xie. Lord Shan, would you still like me if you saw me like this? Jiang Qingyu stood up and asked him. 


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