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Xiao Han was surprised to see, you know, this is the elite monster of heaven! Fire Kirin's attack is a little too strong! The system sounded a pleasant upgrade sound, Xiao Han rose to level 56, the distant butterfly and dance silk also rose to level 52. Xiao Han flew back, and the wolf spiders who rushed to the front spewed out a web of spider silk, trying to bring Xiao Han and the Dragon King down, but as soon as the spider silk touched the black flame on the Dragon King, it was immediately burned into ash. Fire Kirin cast again to destroy the world, such a terrible spell fire Kirin can even put several times, do not know how much its limit is. After casting so many spells, the little fire Kirin is still perky, jumping up and down, without any tired look, after all, the mythical beast is a mythical beast! Even in their infancy, they are much stronger than ordinary elite monsters. Volume 6 Chaos Suit Chapter 263 Fire Kirin Advanced Updated: September 28,custom cosmetic packing, 2008 16:58:30 Words in this Chapter: 3347 Under the fire suppression of the Fire Kirin, coupled with Xiao Han's very fast movement, the wolf spider could not rush to Xiao Han at all. The fire clouds in the sky gathered again, and the flame meteor shower came down one after another, knocking over dozens of spiders. The fire kylin had been cast eight times to destroy the world, and only then was it somewhat exhausted. There was a burning breath in the nasal cavity,eye cream packaging tube, and no more fire came out. Because Xiao Han was moving at a high speed, only four of the eight times he destroyed the world and hit the spiders, but he also killed more than forty spiders. More than twenty spiders were burned by the flames and could not move, leaving only dozens of wolf spiders chasing behind Xiao Han. Even several times did not cast successfully, the fire Kirin was very angry, lying on Xiao Han's shoulder, but also want to put magic, struggling for a long time, Leng is what also did not release, but he was very tired, kept breathing heavily. The rest of the wolf spiders are chasing Xiao Han, Xiao Han has been instant control spells, empty lotion tubes ,empty cosmetic tubes, and those spiders fight guerrilla warfare, although those spiders can not catch up with Xiao Han, but Xiao Han can not cause any damage to them. Xiao Han and the ghost bone dragon king passed over the body of a wolf spider, a strong black breath was absorbed by the ghost bone dragon king, and the body of the black wolf spider turned pale in an instant. The speed of the Dragon King's absorption of death is more terrible than before! The dead air on the body of the wolf spider was sucked away, and the pale body was shocking. Xiao Han then remembered that there were dozens of spider corpses on the ground, and if they were slowly brushed off by the server, they would only waste the precious dead gas contained in these spider corpses! If the dragon king of the nether world absorbs these dead gas, it will be of great help to enhance the strength of the dragon king of the nether world. Xiao Han thought for a moment, attracting the firepower of the wolf spider. Draw the wolf spider away from these corpses and let the dragon king of the nether world absorb the dead gas. Wolf spiders in hot pursuit behind Xiao Han, Xiao Han in the forest to hide in Tibet, without the protection of the Dragon King, Xiao Han several times were almost spat down by the wolf spiders. Fortunately, Xiao Han relied on the complex terrain around him to get out of the way in time, so that he was not stuck by the spider silk. Small butterfly and dance silk on their own flying pet, small butterfly from time to time with control magic to harass the wolf spiders behind Xiao Han, dance silk to Xiao Han added the contract of life and death. In the distance, the dragon king of the nether world kept devouring the dead air on the bodies of the wolf spiders. By the way, the wolf spiders that have been dying have also been solved. All the black bodies on the ground turned white. Not even a breath of life left. Xiao Han used the terrain to fight guerrilla warfare with the wolf spiders, and the wolf spider in front of him was beaten down to a little blood. There is no fire Kirin to destroy heaven and earth, with Xiao Han and small butterfly to attack, to deal with the elite level of the monster is a bit difficult. I don't know when I can grind these wolf spiders to death. Just when Xiao Han was distressed, the fire Kirin on Xiao Han's shoulder suddenly moved. The original dark red scales of the Fire Kirin turned red as if they had been burned by flames. Like a red-hot iron, the breath of the mythical beast on his body made the wolf spiders who followed Xiao Han stop and look suspiciously at the fire unicorn on Xiao Han's shoulder. Xiao Han also felt the change of the Fire Kirin. Is the Fire Kirin going to be advanced? Xiao Han calculates the time, the fire Kirin has absorbed so much Aura in the pet space, also almost should advance, do not know how the fire Kirin will grow after advancing. Fire Kirin is covered with red scales and armor, which looks amazing. It's just that it's too small to be a deterrent. If its body is as big as that of the vermilion beast and the dragon king of the nether world, it is absolutely terrible. System: Your pet Fire Kylin has become an elite monster. Fire Kylin Cub: Super mythical beast. Rank: Heaven. Blood volume: 30000 00. Attack Defense 2500, Stats: Full Spell Immunity, Physical Immunity. Fog Traveling a thousand miles a day, protecting the body with flames, destroying the world, the sea of flames. Growth is accelerating. Flying through the clouds: The Fire Unicorn has the ability to fly. Traveling a thousand miles a day: flying at top speed. Medium Flame Protector: Summons flames to protect the body from damage. Absorbs damage and can be used twice a day. Medium Destroy Heaven and Earth: Summons a large fireball meteor shower to attack the enemy. Spell damage is 300% of the attack area. Primary Sea of Fire: Summons a sea of fire to attack enemies. Spell damage is attack. After the Fire Kirin grew into a celestial elite monster, its strength has been greatly improved. It has learned to destroy the sky and the earth at the intermediate level, and its damage has been increased by three times. It has also learned a primary fire. Skills, like the destruction of heaven and earth, are a wide range of destructive skills. Sea of fire! The Fire Kirin cast the spell it had just learned, and a sea of fire rose from the area where the wolf spiders were,polyfoil tube, and the flames were burning, enveloping all the wolf spiders. The wolf spiders were scorched by the flames and kept struggling in the fire. Destroy the world! A large shower of flame meteors fell from the sky, which was more dense than the previous shower of flame meteors cast by the Fire Kirin. 


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