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Marry Mr. Mo.

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Jiang Xiaoyuan took his clothes to change, "are you going to your house for dinner tonight?" Mo Chen nodded, "I'll go out after dinner. I have to go and have a look at my classmates and comrades who came from other places." When Jiang Xiaoyuan heard this, his eyes shone brightly. "Well, you're busy and you don't have to worry about me." Mo Chen suddenly smiled, and he saw through what she was thinking in her little head at a glance. Jiang Xiaoyuan dried her hair, changed her clothes, and lay on the bed. She was really tired. Even if Mo Chen sat on the sofa, she just wanted to keep a close relationship with the big bed. She didn't need an image. At seven o'clock in the evening, they went back to Mo's house. Mo family elders are in, Mo Xin is Mo Chen's sister, like Mo Chen, the words are very few, she does not understand, two people basically did not say a few words. After the family dinner, she was relieved, and Mo Chen sent her home before leaving. Jiang Xiaoyuan went directly to the gate and took a taxi to the hotel. When Jiang Ma saw her coming at this time, she was puzzled for a moment. "Why are you here?" "It's all right, I miss you." Jiang Xiaoyuan ran to the sofa and sat down. Where is Mo Chen? You two got married today. Why did you run out by yourself? Jiang Ma saw that there was no one behind her. She came by herself. What happened? She quarreled and separated on the first day of marriage? "No, many of his classmates and comrades-in-arms came from other places. He went to have a look and estimated that he would come back very late." When Jiang Ma heard this, she understood, "did you go back to Mo's house?" "I just finished my meal there, and I didn't want to go home, so I came to see you." Jiang Ma glanced at her, "look at me, I'm looking for Xiao Xi and Meng Han." Being seen, Jiang Xiaoyuan smiled mischievously, "Go to play with them. During the day, they vowed to make trouble in the bridal chamber. Today, they were treated by the groomsmen group with a belly full of bad water. It is estimated that they are now holding back and preparing to enlarge their moves." Jiang Ma held her hand,micro gear motor, "Xiaoyuan, do you want a child?" "Children?" She shook her head into a rattle. Then take protective measures. You're only twenty-three. It's a little early to have a child. Jiang Ma said again, "but what is Mo Chen's idea, you have to discuss, after all, he is not small." Jiang Xiaoyuan hurriedly interrupted his mother's words, "Mom, this matter does not need to mention the journey, now there is no need to talk about this, that,12v High Torque Motor, you rest early, I go to find Xiao Xi." Jiang Xiaoyuan hurriedly ran out of her mother's room, her mother thought too much, she and Mo Chen are now two embarrassed, what children, they did not seriously pull a good cut. Want a baby? She's still a child. Jiang Xiaoyuan knocked on Mo Zixi's door, but no one opened it. He knocked on Feng Xiao's door again and stood outside the door to hear the noise inside. Meng Han came to open the door, "Oh, the bride is not at home with the bridegroom into the bridal chamber, the spring night moment actually came to us." "He went to see his comrades in arms." She said, eyes bright, "too good, really too good, I tell you ah, I am embarrassed to death, we basically do not speak together, all rely on my own guess, like a silent film, a thief uncomfortable." "Oh, there won't be no bridal chamber tonight." Jiang Xiaoyuan squeezed out a fake smile, "don't think about it, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, we are embarrassed to death, how can the bridal chamber, not familiar to that point." Feng Xiao put his hand on her shoulder and told her like an old driver, "You two are like rice. That bed is a rice cooker. Raw rice will be cooked naturally in the pot." Jiang Xiaoyuan knows Feng Xiao's character too well, and she has been biased by her male ticket, and has been biased back to the right track. We calculate the time, you go to Mo's house for dinner, come back very late anyway, leave a little time for you two to communicate, we make a surprise attack at twelve o'clock at night. Jiang Xiaoyuan waved his hand, "give me a break." "Why are you drinking again?" This suite has three big beds, the floor of the outer room, the table, the tea table, all small wine bottles, these girls together, not a worry-free master. She's still a good baby, but the mother thinks she's a troublemaker. Mo Zixi took the wine bottle and sang there, forgetting him, forgetting everything. Jiang Xiaoyuan sat down beside her and took the wine. "Let's make trouble here." The bride all ran out, this bridal chamber also did not have to make trouble, everybody drinks while playing, finally a group of people drank down. I slept very late last night. I got out of bed before dawn in the morning. I was tired during the day. Now I drank a few bottles of wine. Several girls fell on the bed and the sofa and slept to death. Mo Chen returned home, it was already more than three o'clock in the middle of the night, he entered the door, the room was dark, went inside to open the bedroom door, by the moonlight outside the window, the room was empty, there was no shadow of anyone. He called Jiang Xiaoyuan, who was already sleeping soundly. Jiang Xiaoyuan's mobile phone is on the other side of the bed, Meng Han is lying there vertically, the mobile phone shakes her flesh to be almost numb. She pulled out her cell phone from under her body irritably, and did not know whose phone it was, so she picked it up in a daze. "Who is it?" Mo Chen listens: "Where is Jiang Xiaoyuan?" Meng Han shouted, "Xiaoyuan, Jiang Xiaoyuan." She pushed the people around her, "Jiang Xiaoyuan, did you forget that you were going to enter the bridal chamber?" Jiang Xiaoyuan vaguely heard someone shouting what to enter the bridal chamber, "who is the bridal chamber, who, who?" Meng Han threw the mobile phone, the body did not move, went straight to sleep. Mo Chen frowned slightly, called the driver, and turned to go downstairs. The driver did not go far, soon the car stopped downstairs, Mo Chen got on the car, went directly to the hotel. Mo Chen asked the room number, went upstairs and knocked on the door. Everyone in the room was asleep. The doorbell rang for a long time. Mo Zixi, who was sleeping on the sofa, went to open the door in a daze. As soon as the door opened, he saw a face that strangers were not allowed to approach. Little, little uncle. "Where is Jiang Xiaoyuan?" Mo Zixi pointed to the inner room, Mo Chen went in, three big beds, sleeping five girls, Jiang Xiaoyuan lying on the left side of the bed. Mo Chen stepped forward, patted her on the shoulder, and shook her body, Jiang Xiaoyuan was sleeping soundly, someone pushed her, but also called her name, she was so annoyed that she did not want it. Mo Chen picked up the man directly and saw Mo Zixi standing in the doorway,Micro Gear Motor, "go back to the room." Mo Zixi nodded obediently, "Goodbye, uncle." 。


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