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August 2020 Member Pack | 30 SFW patterns | 1 Lineart Pack | 1 Coupon
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August Member Pack

Download contains:

  • 30 cross stitch and craft patterns (3 exclusive)
  • 1 lineart background pack
  • 1 15% off coupon for Dealers Den

Only available for the month of August.  Each item in this pack is available individually, but you can get them all in one place for $5.  Three items are exclusive to this pack, and will not be made available.

Some patterns have multiple backstitch options, but are counted as a single item.

There is no NSFW option this month.

What You'll Get


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About the Creator


Cross Stitch Patterns

All pattern downloads come with both a full-colour and black and white PDF, as well as the .chart file for XStitch Markup.  I am currently trying to find a solution to make them work with Pattern Keeper as well.  There are three prices for patterns:

$3 - Small sprites and other simple patterns.  A good place for beginners to start, as these have simple, blocky designs and use only a few colours.

$6 - Photo conversions and stock assets.  Patterns based off of my own photographs, or photographs that have been licensed for use are always $6, regardless of size.  Patterns that use licensed stock assets or art are also placed in this category.

$10 - Small drawn artwork.  This is artwork I've drawn.  The patterns are small and sometimes simplistic, usually in the ballpark of 10,000 stitches (sometimes a bit more, often less).

$15 - Large drawn artwork.  This is artwork I've drawn.  The patterns are large and detailed, having tens, or hundreds of thousands of stitches.

Free patterns are occasionally offered for promotional or special event reasons.  At this time, my fanart patterns are not available.

Are you a Creative Twitch streamer, or Flosstuber?  I offer free patterns to Creatives who use them in their videos and livestreams.  See this page for more info.

International Stitchers

Many patterns listed here can be re-charted to Anchor at no extra fee.  I do not offer this by default, as there isn’t too much need to do it.  Anchor conversions will display different colours, and will not match what is shown on the listing due to having a different colour palette to DMC.

For patterns that were hand-charted, there may be a small fee to convert to Anchor.

Commission Info

I do not have a set size for my queue, with the exception of Size A pieces.  Once a Size A piece is bought, the queue on those closes for ten days.  Otherwise, my queue opens and closes at random, as I feel comfortable taking new projects.  This is so deadlines don't stack on top of one another too closely.