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Animated Talk Sprites

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(The price of this is basically a discount from how I would normally price a sprite animation like this) 

64 x 64 animated talk sprites inspired by Tail Concerto, they are only made at that size but I can make it larger afterwards if you want. 
Animation works like this: Eyes open, two blink frames; Neutral position for mouth, 4 frames for mouth movement
Willing to do any character as long as I can draw them. 

Things to specify: Is character facing left or right? How do you want them to emote (neutral, mad, sad, etc...)? 
If you want I can add a border and/or background with no extra cost! Only ask for a single color or simple gradient background as the character will most likely cover most of it.

Check out the examples to see how they animate!


About the Creator

Evey Hedgehog

Time Zone: Central
Would you like a drawing but don't know what kind to choose? I recommend
Digital Painting!

These are not commercial/game dev-related prices! Expect much higher prices for those types of projects! Thank you.


Hello! I like to draw animal people! I also animate sometimes.
I'm also game dev, I got a viddy game degree. 🎮

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