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A Wan's mother is the eldest daughter of a wealthy family. When she married to Banyan Village, she brought a lot of dowry, so the life of a Wan's family has been very good. I just didn't think. At this point, Andexing lost his frivolous appearance, full of regret and sigh. Sun He and Zhu Ankang also did not speak, the sudden silence suddenly let Su Yunkai think, "a Wan girl also grew up with you?" Andexing nodded. "Yes." Su Yunkai can now confirm that they are four people walking together, and Zhu Ankang is walking side by side with Aster. Although the village road is not big, but there is no need to walk on the edge all the time, only next door is a girl, even if it is a childhood playmate, but also to avoid suspicion, not like Andexing and Sun He shoulder to shoulder. The outside of the yard was very clean, but no one had come for a long time, so some of the debris piled up outside had been covered with dust. Pushing the door and going in, the cobwebs inside fell like fishing nets. Zhu Ankang raised his hand to stop the net. "It's not good to let the spider web get into your eyes." Andexing had recovered a little and laughed. "What did you say you were doing here? It was dirty and messy." "I want to know why people in the village are saying that it's a nursery rhyme taught by Miss Aster." Sun He said, "nonsense, even if Aster really has not left, she will not harm anyone.". I don't know who came up with the nursery rhyme first. Zhu Ankang said lightly, "In those days, bad things happened one after another,asrs warehouse, and songs came out together, so it was inevitable that the villagers would think too much.". Originally a lot of things are parroting, less their own judgment, just follow the crowd. "That's true, but I don't believe it's Aster's ghost." "I don't believe it either." Three people do not believe, Su Yunkai also does not believe, this room also really does not have anything to look at,pallet rack shelving, Su Yunkai looked a few more, went out. After coming out, four people's clothes were stained with dust, Su Yunkai patted the dust, and I don't know if his nose was covered with dust and he sneezed. The three of them looked back with a slightly wrong expression and said, "Let's go. It's really a little cold." Su Yunkai did not take it to heart, but regarded it as a dust on his nose. When he returned to Zhu's house, he sneezed again when he entered the door, and his whole body was cold. In the evening, he had a high fever for no reason, his head was dazed and he couldn't sit up, and he had nightmares. The news soon spread all over the village, and this spread was even more evil. Everyone is saying that Su Gongzi, who insists on going under the banyan tree in the daytime, must be the man hanging upside down on the banyan tree, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,metal racking systems, four eyes on each other! Chapter 40 Killing Nursery Rhymes (4) Chapter 40 Murder Nursery Rhymes (4). It was so amazing outside that the villagers were so frightened that they repeatedly asked what was going on and what happened to the sick son. Finally, they said, "just cut down the banyan tree. I think keeping it is also a disaster.". Zhu Changrong was so angry that he shouted, "Is it still called Banyan Village without Banyan Tree? The name has been changed." This is really unlucky, he said unintentionally, but the listener intentionally, hurriedly interrupted him. Zhu Changrong listened impatiently. "Go, go, don't say anything. Even if you are not sick, you will be angry and sick.". Who is healthy all the year round? It's a coincidence, a coincidence. Everyone was at sixes and sevens, but Zhu Changrong, who was loud and stubborn, had no choice but to leave. Zhu Changrong locked the door angrily. Zhu Ankang came over and said, "Grandpa, it's not surprising that the villagers are suspicious. After all, things happen one after another.". I'll ask my fourth brother and fifth brother to add another fence around the banyan tree and raise it so that they can feel at ease. "Nonsense." Zhu Changrong scolded in his mouth, but he wanted to keep the banyan tree, so he added it and did not stop it. It was better than the villagers cutting down the tree as soon as they made trouble. He sighed. "Hurry up and come back. Don't delay." The bright moon in the house had long heard the noise outside. Baishui and Qin Fang went up the mountain to collect herbs. She took care of Su Yunkai. When he was making a noise just now, he saw his closed eyebrows twitching from time to time, but he could not wake up, so he knew that he was not sleeping well. Reach for his forehead. It's hot. Mingming was fine during the day. Why did he suddenly fall ill. She changed a wet and cool veil and put it on his forehead, wondering if it was really the banyan tree. Meditate and think, and do not know where to come from the song. “…… Sister's hair.. Sister's hand.. Sister's face. Hanging upside down and looking at you. The singer seemed to be so far away that the moon could not hear him very clearly. Can stumble a few words, a few words jumped, she felt more goose bumps flying. The room was small, but with a bed, a table and a teapot, the room was even colder, and the voice seemed to be close to him, like someone whispering on his shoulders, singing the ghost sister in a low voice. She sat on a small bench, holding the bedding tightly, burying her head on the quilt, under which was Su Yunkai's hand, so that she finally felt less afraid. Su Yunkai also heard the singing in a low voice, and the child's tender and clear voice made people care more than the noise. If the eyelids were pulled tightly by a heavy object, it took a lot of effort to open them. After a while, I noticed that someone was pressing on my arm. I lowered my eyebrows and saw an apricot dumpling. The bright moon? The moon looked up at the sound and saw him wake up with joy on her face. "You finally woke up." "I slept a long time?" "Not long, only an hour." Su Yunkai was dizzy and not very sober. Mingyue helped him sit up and fed him half a cup of tea. He fell asleep again and sat quietly beside him, wiping his sweat with a quilt. Qin Fang and Baishui, who went to collect herbs, had already collected the needed herbs and turned back to the village. Baishui unexpectedly Qin Fang did not say a word of complaint, nor did he dawdle. It was totally different from the usual way of fooling around. "If you can do anything as seriously as doing business, it will certainly help Lord Su a lot." "Oh, if that's the case,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, how annoying it will be. Can you still have a good time? I don't want to work with a man like my brother-in-law who wants to have 108 hours a day." Qin Fang carried the medicine basket on his back and walked down the hillside. The basket on his back was woven with bamboo. The herbs were wet, and his back was wet through the bamboo basket. It was very uncomfortable. He frowned slightly and said nothing. "But you should also be lazy. Aren't you tired of running around all day for a girl?" Whitewater glared at him. "Don't mention it." "I looked before and after first, and there was no one." 。


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