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Character Design (Non-Commercial)

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I will design an original character for your personal use. You may ask for many changes to the design to make sure it fits your vision. Please include as much relevant information about the character as you can in your project request, such as the theme for their design, any important aspects of it, or things like their personality and traits. I prefer to communicate about commissions in comments on the project, but for more detailed talk, please include the most convenient place to reach you at, such as discord, telegram, twitter, email, etc.

Designs purchased through this form are intended for non-commercial use. You may not use this character for any purposes of advertisement. This character cannot be sold without my consent. All work featuring this character must credit me as its designer. Additionally, I retain all rights to the character, and I may continue to create artwork using the design, as well as use the design in my own portfolio. I will credit you as the owner of the design in all applicable situations, and I will not sell the design to someone else. I reserve the right to revoke your rights to the design if it can be used in any defamatory way against me, and will refund your money in full if I do so.

The final product will be a Character Reference Sheet as detailed here, and is subject to the same pricing rules.

-Designs must not be based directly on an existing property (pokemon, digimon, etc). They can take inspiration from one, but must be distinct.
-Excessive revisions may incur additional charges.
-Additionally, very complex designs may raise the price.
-Designs meant to slander/insult any person or group of people will be rejected.
-Designs meant to invoke a certain fetish will be rejected.


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Furry | Character Illustration | Mascot Design

I prefer payment through commissio, but will accept payment via other means if unavailable in your country.

※Please note that due to personal circumstances, my queue is kinda long! Please be prepared for a delay if you request a commission.