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figure in full color

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a figure or three in full color.

  • bust: $50 (+$45 for each additional)
  • half-body: $65 (+$60 for each additional) 
  • full-body: $80 (+$75 for each additional) 

  • floriography: base $10
  • complex: 10-25% of overall cost 
  • adult/fetish: 25% of overall cost

  • my ocs: -$10 each

largest scale figure is at full price. additional figures are at discounted price.

the gradient maps are fully customizable to whatever color scheme, palette or mood you would like. i will send you several options and we can tweak it until it is just right.

if you request floriography i will do some research on which flowers or plants would be best suited to the piece and present you with some options. you can also request specific plants. price increases with complexity.


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rudy tuesday

New Creator

i draw dirty pictures

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