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Fist of Fury

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"They used to be in a gang, but now they have joined the League.". He is also our colleague. Because I have saved their leader's life, so they are willing to help us! Wang Zhidao answered. They are also brothers of the United League. Why don't I know any of them? Sun Dazhou asked strangely. Not only Sun Dazhou, but also Liu Baichuan looked puzzled. Because they are members of Mr. Huang's department. "So Mr. Huang arranged another group of people in Beijing without telling us?" Sun Dazhou and Liu Baichuan both looked discontented. But Duan Qirui opened his mouth and said, "Wang Zhidao, no matter what reason you arrested Concubine Shen, I advise you to let her go back.". Shen Shi is the favorite concubine of yuan Da Tou. You caught her. It would be strange if he didn't turn the whole city of Beijing upside down and cut you into pieces! "That's not true!" "Big yuan's head is dead," said Wang Zhidao lightly. As soon as this remark was made, Duan Qirui, Mr. Sun, and Chen Zhen were all taken aback. Mr. Sun asked hurriedly, "Wang Zhidao, what's going on? Did you follow Mr. Huang's arrangement and assassinate yuan Daotou?" When Wang Zhidao heard this, he was a little startled and said, "So Mr. Sun knew long ago that Mr. Huang was looking for me to assassinate yuan Da Tou?"? But you guessed wrong,Stainless Steel Toilet China, yuan's big head was not killed by me, but by his favorite concubine! "What!" This remark shocked Duan Qirui and Mr. Sun. Duan Qirui laughed and said, "Wang Zhidao, are you kidding me? How could Shen kill Big Head yuan?"? She is the woman who is most loved by yuan Da's head. "What good will it do her to kill Big Head yuan?" "I don't understand this kind of thing.". However, according to the analysis of the situation at that time, there was no doubt that the death of yuan Da's head was related to Concubine Shen. Wang Zhidao will be from the beginning of Jin Meilou to see Shen Da's wife disguised as "Purple Lady" until he sees yuan Da's head corpse. After escaping from the "Fengyi Pavilion",Stainless Steel Shower Tray, he told Duan Qirui and Mr. Sun the same thing. Then he added, "I originally thought that this'Purple Lady 'might be the enemy of Big Head yuan, so I set up a trap to help her assassinate Big Head yuan.". I was worried that she was really not afraid of death and would perish with you, so I pretended to promise her and secretly let Wang Yajiao attack Jinmeilou and rescue you. However, when I arrived at Fengyi Pavilion, I saw that the token given to me by Lady Purple was really effective. I thought that Mr. Huang would let me assassinate yuan Da's head anyway. I might as well take this opportunity to finish it. That's why I broke into Concubine Shen's leap room. As soon as I went in, I saw the body of yuan Da's head. Then the'Purple Lady 'rushed in and screamed loudly, saying that I had killed her master. Only then did I know that this'Purple Lady' was Concubine Shen. I was calculated by her! So I made a quick decision to take Concubine Shen hostage and escape. Duan Qirui, Mr. Sun and Chen Zhen were all in a daze when they heard this. Sun Dazhou frowned and said, "So the death of yuan Dazhou really had something to do with his concubine Shen.". But that doesn't make any sense. What reason does Shen Shi have to kill yuan Da's head? As soon as yuan's big head dies, she will also lose power, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, which is not a good thing at all! Liu Baichuan said coldly, "It must be that this woman did not observe women's morality. She had an affair with someone and was discovered by yuan Da Tou. She killed yuan Da Tou carelessly under the argument. That's why she designed us to marry Wang Zhidao." Wang Zhidao said with a smile, "This is also one of my guesses, but I feel that things are not so simple." Duan Qirui said decisively, "That's impossible. You don't know much about Shen.". Although she is a famous prostitute, but this woman since with yuan big head, that is, very important to their own reputation, absolutely will not fornicate for their own desires. What's more, she is most favored by yuan Da Tou, and her status is already equivalent to yuan Da Tou's'wife '. yuan big head almost three nights a week to spend the night in her place, the rest of the time she is not in yuan big head'wife 'identity with yuan big head to receive guests as a facade, is the management of yuan Fu big and small things, then there is a chance to carry yuan big head and other men fornication? To tell you the truth, I have also sent someone to investigate this Shen Shi, facts have proved that this Shen Shi is a very clean woman, and has not done anything improper. Wang Zhidao took one look at Duan Qirui and thought to himself, You send someone to investigate Concubine Shen. Must be trying to find out something unspeakable about Concubine Shen and threaten her with it? I can't see that you, the "six noes", are also an insidious and cunning guy! "Why should we bother to guess?" Chen said? "Anyway, Concubine Shen has already been captured by Younger Martial Brother Wang. We can just ask her!" "Not bad!" Liu Baichuan said to Wang Zhidao, "Give this woman to me. I will torture her myself. I don't believe that this woman will not reveal the truth under my torture." Wang Zhidao took a strange look at Liu Baichuan, shook his head and said, "It's easy for Concubine Shen to tell the truth, but it's not the most important thing at the moment.". yuan's big head is dead. No matter how he died, the consequences will be very serious, the current situation in China will be chaotic because of the death of yuan's big head, and perhaps civil war will break out. So I think the most important thing at present is to stabilize the chaos caused by the death of yuan Da's head. Mr. Sun, Premier Duan, what do you think? Mr. Sun and Duan Qirui looked at each other. Duan Qirui opened his mouth first and said, "Yes, Big Head yuan is dead. Vice President Li Hongyuan may take over the position of Big Head yuan.". But this Li Hongyuan is the vice president. There are no soldiers under him, and those who hold a large number of troops will not obey him, perhaps they will rise up one after another. Each is king. In that case, China,Flush valve price, which has been unified with great difficulty, is bound to fall apart again. I have to go back to the State Department to take charge and stop this from happening. Mr. Sun, you have to ask your men to take me back to the State House. 。


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