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Forcing Marriage Step by Step: a Snatched Husband

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  1. Wen Man's breath slowly sank down, her body has been blocking the door, also do not let him in, but also dare not directly close the door, "what do you want me to clarify?" Gu Ze lowered his eyes, smiled calmly and gently, with a gentle and harmless temperament. "Not much. Admit what you did in those years, and then go back with me and play the role of your wife." The things she did in those years. Wen Man's face became more and more ugly. She bit her lip tightly. "So you know. Since you know, why don't you say? Since you know, why do you want to marry me?" Gu Ze just laughed, "a woman's little means, I don't hate you, and I'm willing to marry you, so there's no need to say that." Wen Man is very good, even now, he still feels so, as a wife, she can not find any fault, gentle and sensible, intimate and lovely. It's just that he doesn't love it. Wen Man's hand fell on her abdomen. She closed her eyes and wrote slowly. The expression on her face did not know whether she was laughing or crying. "You let me go back with you to play the role of Mrs. Gu. What about Tang Ningnuan?"? Are you going to keep her outside and hide her in a golden house? He never even avoided it, just as they had been married for three years, even if he was gentle and gentle occasionally,Vegetable oil filling machine, he never said love, he even disdained perfunctory. He loved Tang Ningnuan, and he never avoided it in front of her. Gu Ze reached out and pushed her away into the house. "She won't be a woman raised by a man outside, so you can rest assured." Tang Ningnuan is a proud woman, she is also the eldest lady of the Tang family, regardless of self-esteem or identity will not allow her to be hidden in a golden house. Don't worry? What did she feel relieved about? Did she feel relieved to wait for them to force her to give up Mrs. Gu's position one day, and then get married? Tears finally could not help, a drop fell down,liquid bottle filling machine, "anyway, sooner or later to divorce, it is better to divorce now, when I destroyed you, now you are reunited." Gu Ze tidied up a circle in the house before coming out, picked up a few things she needed and put them in her bag, and then came back to her with a feminine smile in his eyes, "Do you really want to divorce me?" He looked down at the woman's crying red eyes and lifted the backpack in his hand to his shoulder. "Wen Man, no matter how good your life experience is, a divorced woman has lost her price after all. Who else can you marry?" Gu Ze reached out and pinched her chin and said in a low voice, "Wen Man, to be my wife, I will give you the best glory and wealth, as well as freedom, eh?" Her tears fell on the back of his hand, crying hoarse, water filling machine ,PET blow moulding machine, "Gu Ze, I want splendor and wealth, how could I marry you, I married you just because I love you." Gu Ze was stunned for a second, he knew she loved him, he married her to remove the wealth behind her, but also because she loved him. He is such a smart and selfish man, marry Wen Man is the consequences of the four sides, although she broke up with Ning Nuan in the matter of doing something insignificant, but the woman, he does not mind. His faint smile seemed gentle. "I know you love me. Come back with me." Wen Man stood, refusing to move, shaking his head forcefully, his stubborn voice full of prayer, and his tears kept falling, drop by drop, on the floor, like silent accusations. "Gu Ze, the doctor said that the mood is very important for pregnant women. I know you don't love this child, but I love him very much. I don't want to go back with you. I don't want to see your news. I do not want to see your sweetness. If you have no love for me, at least please be merciful. I love you wholeheartedly for so many years." She used the word mercy as if he were cruel to her. Apart from not giving her love, what else did he not give her? Gu Ze only thought it was funny that a woman who had grown up in a honey pot for twenty years and did not understand what real pain and cruelty were could regard love as a belief. However, after a long time, he finally understood how cruel a person could be if he did not love him. His big palm gently touched her face and said gently, "If you don't go back with me, how can the baby be born?"? I won't let my child live outside. It's better not to let him be born, don't you think? Wen Man's back was cold, and tears fell down again. Gu Ze lifted the bag in his hand to his shoulder and held her in his arms. "You can't beat me, so be obedient. I said I would raise you if you gave birth to me." He kissed her on the lips. "You haven't even done your job. How can you support your children without me? Find him a stepfather? Long fingers lifted her hair and lips pressed against her skin. "As long as you are born, you will be my son, and I will love him." Gu Ze looked down at her to endure the appearance of crying, the heart slightly weak, she is so weak ah, no offensive force, can not resist, and love him too much. Even if you want to hold her all your life, it's too easy and boring. Wen Man left with his arms around her waist, and she didn't even have a chance to pack up, so she had to follow him back. In fact, she was not so smart, but also knew why he could find here in such a short time, when he relied on the power of the Wen family, but three years later, the Wen family had come to rely on him. In Su Wan's apartment. The evil handsome man, with a smile in his eyes, fell on the TV screen and said lazily, "Gu Ze really has a way of dealing with women. It's all up to this. Mrs. Gu can still speak for them. Oh." Simon's attention was not on this at all. He looked at his eldest brother. "Your predecessor is known as the most beautiful woman in Asia." Su Wan? Who has a way of dealing with women?!! That woman is said to be cold, boring, arrogant and indifferent. In short,bottle blowing machine, she is the fighter plane of the cold goddess. Men can't afford it at all. Tang Mufan squinted at him and despised him very much. "Don't show your brain capacity in front of me. Who else can be a woman who can throw Moyu a few streets away besides my woman?" Simon.. Your taste is too strong, such a woman can see/bed, marry back to be a wife is not too boring? 。


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