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I'm sick [wear quickly].

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In Hao Ritian's struggle, Li Yi took the man away directly. Su Xiaobing, "Brother Li, wait a minute." Reacting, she hurriedly tried to follow, but was soon stopped by a security guard, "Miss Su, the dean asked me to send you out, you are not safe here alone." Except for the nurses, there are all men here. The hospital is divided into male and female departments. Obviously, this is the male department. No matter how reluctant she was, Su Xiaobing could only leave the tough security guards first, and when she saw the patients running around from time to time, her heart was a little hairy. Hao Ritian, who was taken away, did not make any more mistakes in the next few days, but he obviously became sticky with Li Yi. His attending doctor had once again changed from Tan Xi to Li Yi. Tan Xi was speechless to this. Fortunately,pump tube, Wei An and others are still in charge of Tan Xi, so Tan Xi's daily life has not changed, but the time to communicate and study with the dean has greatly increased, because the dean spent most of these days in the 502 ward. Hao Ritian had a very comfortable time these days. When he was in high spirits, he flirted with Li Yi. In his spare time, he took the three younger brothers in the same ward to harm others from time to time. It could be said that he was very clever. As for those who were harmed by him,eye cream packing tube, it was naturally the three people who pretended to be mentally ill. It has to be mentioned that, because he almost kissed Wei An, Wei Jing is now on guard against him, Wei An is also a little cautious about him, but because of this opportunity between the two people quickly warmed up, in addition to there are no other problems, everything is going smoothly. Because of the urging of Yu Dahai and Yu Li, the three fake psychotics had to seize the time to find an opportunity to stimulate Hao Ritian, but they were all a little difficult to protect themselves. Occasionally, they seized the opportunity to stimulate Yu Hao's sensitive nerves with some inconspicuous points. These were all effective means from Yu Hao's uncle and aunt, but the effect was barely satisfactory. As soon as Hao Ritian was prepared, he would not go to the road again. He could not be overcast for the second time. It was not his style to fall in the same place. Secondly, plastic cosmetic tubes ,pump tube, with the treatment of Li Yi this week, his body and even the brain nerve disorder caused by the blow have recovered very well. Although the time is not long, the biggest reason for Yu Hao's mental problems is that he has been hit too hard, his bearing capacity is insufficient, and his physical impact is not particularly serious. The most important thing is that the longer he passes through, the more control he has over his body, and the less chance he will be affected by the remaining consciousness of his body. Now he has no problem, even if it is feasible to leave the hospital, he only needs to be stimulated at the right time to return to normal. For a variety of reasons, it is almost impossible for the three people to let him lose his mind and get sick as simply as the first time. If Hao Ritian is interested in playing with them, he may be able to cooperate with them. Unfortunately, Hao Ritian has no interest in playing with them. So it's not difficult for Hao Ritian to leave the hospital, and it's also not difficult to clean up the three fake psychotics together. Don't talk to him about morality at this time. He never sympathizes with the enemy. Oh, I just don't know if those three people can keep their fake mental illness. Pray for them. Today happened to be a whole week after Yu Dahai and Yu Li visited him. They were supposed to come again this afternoon. It was only in the morning, and then it was time for his infusion. Hao Ritian was lying in bed. After noticing Li Yi coming in with a tray, Zheng Yue pretended to pass by the door of the ward naturally. He smiled happily. Maybe he will be discharged today, or tomorrow at the latest. Chapter 44 I am mentally ill. Li Yi came into the ward and touched Hao Ritian's head habitually. His attitude looked very friendly. "How do you feel today?" Hao Ritian rolled his eyes and closed his eyes wilting. He didn't look like he wanted to speak. Zheng Yue, who was hiding sideways at the door of the ward, tightened his hands and looked a little anxious. Why didn't he start the infusion? What are you talking about?! It happened that the more anxious he was, the slower the progress in the ward was. Li Yi, who usually moved crisply and neatly, did not know what was going on today, nor did he know what he was doing. What about his professional ethics? A few days ago, he paid attention to the time every day. President Li would start to give Yu Hao a needle infusion at the same time. Why didn't he start after the time passed today? The situation that did not develop as expected made him unable to wait any longer. Zheng Yue had a hard time these days. Yu Dahai and Yu Li came to urge him over and over again, and he was in urgent need of money. The pressure of both sides was on him. He could only deal with Yu Dahai and Yu Li first and stabilize them. But in the afternoon, these two people will come to the hospital to see Yu Hao. When they see that Yu Hao's condition is not more serious, but has a tendency to recover. When the time comes, the money promised to him will be lost. How can this be done? However, since President Li took over Yu Hao, it is very difficult for him to find a chance to start. Today, it is not easy to seize an opportunity. It is absolutely not allowed to fail. After hammering on the wall, Zheng Yue was ready to pretend to go in and have a look. After all, Yu Hao was also his patient when he was admitted to the hospital at the beginning. It was not too much for him to express his concern. With this plan, he quickly adjusted his expression, but as soon as he stepped out of his left foot, there was a sudden cry from behind, which startled him and made him look at it quickly. This see Zheng Yue pupil rapid contraction, see who, his whole person is a little stiff up,aluminium laminated tube, wait for him to react after the other side is about to run in front of him, he hurriedly blocked people, "what?"? Go back to your room. Keep winking at each other while drinking. 


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