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Rain and Clouds-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

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In normal times, if he had the chance to touch Yunsu, he would jump for joy even if he just looked at his hands and did not move. But at the moment is worried about the means of Zhu yuanzhang, and grief for the early death of the beautiful youth! I'm really not interested in anything. I just want to find a place where no one can cry. But he couldn't help but give Yun Qing face. Reluctantly, he walked over and came to Abbess Forgetful Love. He bowed to the ground and said, "Han Bo pays his respects to Abbess!" More than ten pairs of eyes, including Abbess Wangqing and Yunsu, were all focused on him. Bei was serious and solemn, and they all felt very strange. "Are you free, benefactor Han? I'd like to say a few words to you," said Abbess Wangqing gently. Han Bo remembered that he had seen Abbess Wangqing here. Of course, the meeting of the elders of the eight factions was over. He should have rushed to meet the three daughters of Qin Mengyao. He wanted to refuse, but because of Yunqing's feelings, he couldn't say it. Hesitantly, Abbess Wangqing saw through his intention and said with a smile, "The nunnery where the poor nun is staying is here. It won't stop benefactor Han from spending too much time." Only then did Han Bo notice that he was standing at the gate of a nunnery. "Don't you live in the Xining Temple, Abbess?" He asked. "Not from this day on," said Abbess Forgetting Love lightly. Turn into the nunnery. Han Bo was forced behind her, just in the middle of Yunqing and Yunsu. Yunsu looked at him curiously and innocently with his beautiful big eyes. Yun Qing asked in a low voice,jacuzzi bath spa, "Is there anything wrong with you, Xiao Bai?" Han Bo sighed and shook his head. In the hall of repentance, Abbess Wangqing sat cross-legged on the ground with the Buddha seat on her back, while Yunqing and Yunsu, the two seed masters, sat around her, and the rest of the disciples withdrew from the hall. Han Bo sat down on the opposite side like them,outdoor whirlpool, smelling the fragrance of the stove, and his mood gradually calmed down. Abbess Forgetful Love smiled gently and said, "Almsgiver, the Dafa of Taoism is extraordinary. That night, in front of us old bones, he was still neither overbearing nor humble. He was imposing." He took another loving look at Yunsu and said softly, "Yunsu is already the most successful disciple of our Chuyun Nunnery in the past hundred years, but thanks to the mercy of the benefactor, he was not injured." Han Bo couldn't help glancing at Yun Suni, only to see her staring at her big clear eyes and looking at herself without fear. Suddenly, he felt a sense of shame in his heart, because his sharp demon seed sensed her pure and crystal Buddha heart. There was no earthly thought, but only noble sentiment. Remembering his bad heart for her, he could not be ashamed. How could he have this kind of enlightenment? It was only when he had just suffered a series of blows that he realized the state of mind of the other party. Observing all this, hot tub wholesale ,outdoor endless pool, Abbess Wangqing said cheerfully, "Yunqing has told me about you in detail.". Alas! You go through life and death for the well-being of the world, while we eight factions are just sitting back and enjoying our success. The poor nun feels ashamed when he thinks of it. "We!" Said Han Bo in a daze. Can't help looking at Yunqing, dark thought that she even told the master about the relationship with Fan Liangji? As soon as Yun Qingqiao turned red, he hung his head, obviously knowing why Han Bo peeked at her. Although she is a spiritual practitioner with her hair, she can still be regarded as half a spiritual practitioner. Naturally, she will feel embarrassed because she can't hold back her love for spring. Abbess Forgetting Love smiled and said, "Yunqing didn't hide anything from the poor nun. The rules of the law are dead, but people are alive.". Throughout the ages, I don't know how many people have been harmed by the rules. What's more, Fan Liangji is very sincere, and Yunqing has gone through a long period of inner struggle before he realizes that he can't live without each other. This kind of sincere feeling is the most rare, so the poor nun will never hold on to the outmoded and insist on breaking them up. Han Bo heard the word "struggle" and remembered the scene of her first kiss with Fan Liangji. He couldn't help looking at Yunqing again. Yunqing was shocked at first, then woke up and glared at him. Abbess Wangqing continued, "I want to talk to the benefactor this time. I just want to know about the current situation and see where I can do my best." Han Bo liked the respectable Abbess even more. He felt warm in his heart. He sighed and said, "I don't know where to start. Han Bo only hopes that Abbess and.." Hey: "I couldn't help staring at Yunsu, who was staring at him. Then I continued," You and the little masters should leave this dangerous place in the capital and go back to Izumo Nunnery. Don't get involved in this ugly political whirlpool. ” He was indeed inspired, especially not to hope that Yunsu-ni, who was as pure as white paper and tender and lovely, would be polluted by the ugly struggle of her pure and beautiful soul. The three of them could not imagine that Han Bo had such an imaginative mind, so they suddenly changed their minds about him. "Listen to the benefactor say so, must be met with a very difficult thing, forget love can not be alone, the benefactor rest assured to say!"! The poor nun has already experienced numerous storms, and the gains and losses of life and death will not be placed in his mind. Awestruck, Han Bo scratched his head and said, "I'm ignorant. I've forgotten that Abbess is the top master of the White Way. But now the situation is so powerful that there's no place to use it. Even the ghost king wants to leave the capital." The three of them were moved together. Han Bo stood up and said, "That's better."! I'll go back to the Ashram to find Mengyao and them first, and then I'll go to the Ghost Palace with you to discuss plans, okay? Knowing the seriousness of the matter, Abbess Wangqing nodded and said, "In that case, I will send my disciples to leave Beijing first. If something happens, I can be more flexible." Forgetting Abbess is so sensible, Han Bo was overjoyed and left. Before leaving, he couldn't help staring at Yunsu. www.xiaoshuotXt,coM Volume 23 View of Snow in the Cold Tower Chapter 12 Friends and Enemies txt。 Little _ Say _ Heaven Gui Wang Fu. Inside the Jinshi Library. Zhu yuanzhang laughed, and Xu Ruowu, who was sitting beside him, said, "The last time I came here, I asked my brother Ruowu to calculate the fate of the country. In a twinkling of an eye,hot tub manufacturers, there were two months and eight days.". If there is no brother's exquisite divination, there is a chance that ghosts and gods are unpredictable. All the things he said come true one by one. My younger brother admires him very much. Ghost King Xu Ruowu smiled faintly and said, "Look at the way yuanzhang has a plan in mind. Everything must be going smoothly. Congratulations." 。


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