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Prefab Chibi Busts

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Payment via is preferred, however if for some reason you cannot pay via here, you may request a Paypal commission by filling out this form.

Chibi bust commissions using prefabricated bases. Five expressions to choose from, with more expressions coming soon.

  • Solo only
  • One commission per order
  • One work in progress will be provided when the flats are finished. Any errors in need of fixing may be addressed then.
  • Low-res (~400px) and high-res (~800px) versions will be provided.

Addons are complicated edits/extras and will cost an additional $1 each.

  • 2+ Sets of Wings 
    • 4+ wings total; a single set (2 wings total) has no extra fee.
  • 3+ Eyes 
    • Regardless of position on the body.
  • 3+ Limbs 
    • Any character that has more than 2 limbs.
  • Anthro Snout 
    • An animal style nose with no snout has no extra fee.
  • Cyclops
  • Background Accents 
    • Accents only, full backgrounds are unavailable.
  • Full Face Masks, Face Armor, Helmets, etc.
  • Object Heads


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All monthly supporters paying any amount will get access to the following:
  • Uncensored NSFW pictures (if you're 18+)
  • Works in progress


Monthly supporters paying $5 or more will get access to the following:
  • High-res line art of non-commission SFW digital art
  • High-res versions of non-commission SFW digital art