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Love on the bare ground

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"What are you digging, for heaven's sake?" Tang Zhankui's woman asked in a trembling voice. As soon as Tang Zhankui built a hoe, he fell forward and almost fell. Liu Quan couldn't help it. Forget it. Let me do it. Tell him to go away. How long will he dig like this? He leaned his gun under the door frame and grabbed Tang Zhankui's hoe. Instead, Erniu's face became more stubborn and indifferent. Tang Zhankui, however, still refused to let go. He swung his hoe in a daze and built it up again. Everyone was afraid of being hurt by him by mistake, and they all dodged. Although Tang Zhankui could not stand steadily, after all, he had been farming all his life, and he was always strong with a hoe. In a short time, a shallow hole has been dug. The door was closed, and the dark room was even darker, full of the smell of earth. Tang Zhankui's woman suddenly felt a new terror. Did he dig a hole to bury him alive? Half a circle of mud was piled higher and higher on the edge of the pit, and several militiamen, each leaning on the barrel of a gun,industrial racking systems, stood idly by, poking the mud with their toes. Sun Chuan-kuei sat down on a bench and picked up an earthen teapot on the table, holding it in both hands and drinking from the spout. From time to time he turned his head and shouted, "Dig!". Erniu stood motionless beside her, just staring, her hands rolled up in her black cloth apron. Sun Chuan-kuei loosened his belt and strolled to the edge of the pit,automated warehouse systems, saying, "Why haven't you dug three feet deep?"? Is it in this area or not? Tang Zhankui leaned his hoe on the ground and panted on the handle. You say! Honestly! Where exactly is it buried? Tang Zhankui just kept silent. Only after pressing hard did he say, "I don't know." I don't know! Didn't you make it clear that there were fifty pieces of silver in the jar, buried behind the door? "Fifty pieces of silver!" He exclaimed at the side of the woman. No, my God. Where did that come from? "Come on, come on, what kind of garlic are you putting on?" Sun Chuan-kuei said to her, "It's obvious that you dug it out and moved it!"! Take it out! She was so anxious that she cried, "What can I take out?"? Never seen so much money in his life, he had two money to buy the land! Last spring, in order to buy two acres of land for the Geng family, heavy duty cantilever racks ,push back racking system, he paid off his debts! Where can we find a lot of foreign money buried underground and used to borrow money? Do you know what your plans are? After all, you people can't do anything else, so you pretend to be poor! They were shouting loudly here. Tang Zhankui seemed to be afraid. He raised his hoe and began to dig again. "Damn, you're really good at playing dumb!" As soon as Sun Chuan-kuei looked back and saw it, he couldn't help being angry and cursing loudly, "It's obviously not here. What else are you digging for?"? What the hell are you doing? ***ing skin! Pretend to be a fool! Tang Zhankui still patiently hoed the ground and dug down. "Shit!" Sun Quangui was so angry that he kicked him, and Tang Zhankui took a few steps backwards. And then fell into the pit. Sun Quangui turned away again to interrogate the woman. She just pointed to the sky and swore to the sun. Sun Quangui threatened in every way and did not work. At last he said bitterly, "What a tricky mouth!"! Took her in for questioning, both women! Let's see if they say anything! As soon as Tang Zhankui heard this, he suddenly trembled for some reason. Half of his body stood upright in the pit. He stretched out an arm and waved it in midair, shouting frantically, "It's really not!"! It's useless to force them to death. It's really useless! "No. Why did you say yes?" His wife cried, "This is not a trap, my God!" Go! These people don't cry without seeing the coffin! Both women were tied up and taken away! Tang Zhankui suddenly changed his tune: "They really don't know!"! It's no use asking them -- really -- only I know! Then you say! Where's the money. You say He was silent again. What the *** is this guy trying to do to people? Be careful when you go back this time, I tell you! Sun Chuan-kuei said angrily, "Go!"! Go back! The militiamen tightened the rope on Tang Zhankui's arm and leg and dragged it out. But he grabbed the door frame and wouldn't let go. A militiaman kicked him again from behind, and he fell to the ground and could not get up. "Don't watch him play dead," the militiaman said with a smile. "Later, when he gets on the tiger stool, we'll see if he wakes up.". Tang Zhankui gasped and hugged the threshold tightly. I said! I say! I have foreign money--there is foreign money buried in the ground. "Go, go!" Sun Chuan-kuei ignored him and shouted directly at the militiamen, "What are you doing? Why don't you let him stay here?" Buried under the bed! Under the bed! Tang Zhankui shouted loudly. "Father, why are you always telling lies?" Er Niu cried in pain. She threw herself on him, put her face on his shoulder, and burst into tears, crying, "My father is a tough guy. He never lies. How can he treat you like this?"! Dad! Father, what's the matter with you? Tang Zhankui did not speak, but shed two lines of tears down his face. The lye soaked into a scar on his cheek, causing a slight twitch in the muscles of his right cheek. "Go away! Go away!" Several militiamen shouted to come up, put two girls in a pile, and dragged Tang Zhankui up. What have you done to my father? I don't want to die today! I'll fight you! Er Niu sobbed and got up and bumped into a soldier. This girl! This girl! Cried her mother in confusion. Several rifle butts slashed and pecked at her face and body at the same time. "Oh, help me, I'm going to kill you!" Cried her mother. As soon as Erniu walked a few feet away, her mother rushed up to protect her. "Forgive her! I will kowtow to you! I will kowtow to you!" Liu Quan was still standing in the room, looking out. His eyes were on fire. Holding a gun in his hand,radio shuttle racking, he unconsciously picked it up and touched the bolt. I saw two girls in the ground to prop up half of the body, spit out a mouthful of blood, blood mixed with white teeth. "You want to die!" The militiamen panted and kicked again. "Have a death wish!" 。


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