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Speaking of this, Lin Hongmei took a look at her husband, saw that her husband had no reaction, and continued to express her thoughts, "It's better to beat them back to their original shape and let them have nothing again. It's estimated that the family will become as close as before." Turning to look at Lin Yao, Lin Hongmei said in a decisive tone: "Yaoer, you come on, your father and I will help you, trample down the Luo family, let them poor, so poor that they can only live in huts and drink porridge!" The more she spoke, the more excited Lin Hongmei saw that her husband's face became very ugly. She immediately closed her mouth, but still did not give up the idea of retaliation. She had been tortured for more than 20 years. "Yaoer, let's attack the Luo family in a formal way. There is no need for conspiracy. At the worst, we can help them a little." "Of course," Lin Yao immediately interface, "I am not a bad person, in addition to today's ear scraping, they only torture us in money and spirit, we should deal with them the same way." Luo Jimin's face turned pale, and he wanted to say something against it, but when he thought of the slap his son had received, he felt vaguely that this way was right. Thanks for the reward of "I am a little snake"! This period of time let you spend, thank you! The newest quickest chapter,rotary vacuum disc filters, please land < Nie Book Novel Net >, the reading is one kind enjoys, suggested that you collect. Chapter 67 airport Please keep in mind the domain name < >, or search in Baidu: Nie Book Novel Network Wen Youmin's good news made Luo Jimin's family of three completely dispel the gloom in their hearts. The news first came through the phone, and Wen Youmin, who had just left the house, called Wen Lao on his cell phone while driving to inform him of his decision. He had no choice but to delay the handover time, so as to gain time for the smooth production of drought-resistant beverage stock solution and the transfer of production base. Twenty minutes later,filter nozzle, Wen Youmin's father came to Xinglin Pharmaceutical Factory with him. Wen must visit this noble man in person. In his words, if he had known this, he would not have sold the factory even if the other party gave him ten million yuan. Lin Yao once again missed the opportunity to meet his "idol", which made Wen Youmin, who had been thinking about introducing this good young man to his father, regret. After Lin Yao saw that the matter was confirmed, he left the pharmaceutical factory first. He was going to pick up people at the airport. Ling Ruonan was about to arrive in Chengdu and brought Xiaolian's blood sample. Missing the meeting with the "idol" allowed Lin Yao to escape the disaster and avoid embarrassment. Before poaching Wen Youmin, Lin Yao claimed that Wen Lao had always been his idol, but he did not think that his appearance had long been deeply remembered by Wen Lao, and in turn became Wen Lao's idol. Wen Lao now contacts Duan Qing every day. On the one hand, he is concerned about Duan Hanyuan's physical recovery after discharge. Another important reason is that he hopes Duan Qing can help him introduce himself after they find a divine doctor. As an authoritative cardiovascular expert in China, the young doctor with magical medical skills in this field has become his idol. Little Gu Li followed Lin Yao out for most of the day, has been very clever, did not disturb the adult business, but also let the little guy suffocated, has been taking time to talk about Nannan sister. Lin Yao had to send Gu Li home first and then pick him up at the airport. After sending little Guli to the palace of the Dynasty, Lin Yao made up again with the help of Ge Yong. Duan Qing was too troublesome. Now every medical forum and professional chat room in the country, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,fine bubble diffuser, as well as influential medical groups, are full of advertisements for miraculous doctors. Lin Yao has read these posts, although the photos are not posted, but the description of the appearance is very detailed, so that Lin Yao can not help looking in the mirror to see if it is true after reading these descriptions, the results once again show the correctness of an old saying- "those who know you best are your enemies". Lin Yao's heart has raised Duan Qing to the enemy to guard against, if they are really exposed, it is impossible to refuse some heavyweight invitations, it is impossible to avoid being monitored and studied, in case their special abilities are discovered, will they be sliced and studied? Think of here, Lin Yao a shiver, now there is no self-protection ability, if captured and coerced, really do not know how to deal with. Ge Yong's fighting ability is obviously good, and Lin Yao has chosen to learn to fight with Ge Yong. As soon as the makeup was finished, little Guli, who heard that he was going to pick up people at the airport, immediately went back on his word and asked his father to take him to the plane, saying that he had not been on a plane for a long time and that he wanted to see white clouds, white clouds like cotton candy. Lin Yao thought to himself that this little fellow's family should be well off, and that he had been on a plane at a young age, apparently more than once. I just started flying this year, and I've only done it once. Think of here feeling some failure, continue to beat around the Bush to dig small Guli's family information, of course, dare not mention his parents, now the time is not ripe. After Lin Ruonan took his luggage from the conveyor belt, he did not see Lin Yao at the exit. When he was confused, he heard a familiar voice, "Ruonan, this way." Looking up, I saw a dirty young man holding a delicate and beautiful little boy waving to him. Lin Ruonan was sure that he did not know him, nor did he know the little boy. He was not moved. She came out a little late, because the consignment note of the blood sample had just disappeared. After looking for a long time, there were no other passengers at the exit. The man must have said hello to himself, but she had long been immune to this kind of lame trick. Without paying attention to Lin Yao, Lin Ruonan continued to walk out of the exit, thinking that he had already contacted before boarding the plane, so he didn't see anyone at this time? Take out your cell phone and turn it on, ready to dial. Ruonan, here! Lin Yao continued to shout, wondering if the other party didn't hear him call her? There's no one else here. Besides, her name has so much personality that there won't be so many girls with that name. Beauty sister, here, here, look here! Little Guli's voice was even louder, as if he was going to use all the strength he had held back for most of the day. Lin Yao? With a surprised look, Lin Ruonan finally confirmed that the voice should be Lin Yao, although the other side does not look like, but only he knows he is coming, ah,wall penstocks, but also know his name, is it one of his relatives to pick up the plane? This sound is too similar, right.


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