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A small comic about whatever you want! Provide information like what you want to happen, the characters involved, etc. I may offer edits. Please include some form of visual reference for each character.


All prices are listed in USD

The standard price ($40) is for a 4-panel comic strip, drawn in black and white (this equals half of a full page).

  • For 8 panels (two strips), or a full comic page (formatted like a normal comic book), the price is doubled to $80.
  • Every page after costs $60.

By default, strips are drawn in black and white. Changing these two colors (e.g. black and grey, purple and yellow, etc) incurs no extra cost. Different coloring styles are priced as follows, in addition to the base price of each page:

  • Toning (using a monochrome or pseudomonochrome palette) costs $2 per panel.
  • Flat colors (full palette, no shading) cost $5 per panel.
  • Cel shading costs $10 per panel.
  • Full rendering costs $15 per panel.

I'll let you know the price of your comic before we begin, so feel free to ask any questions!


About the Creator


Furry | Character Illustration | Mascot Design

I prefer payment through commissio, but will accept payment via other means if unavailable in your country.

※Please note that due to personal circumstances, my queue is kinda long! Please be prepared for a delay if you request a commission.