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"Just as well, if there is a saint, when our sages and the ancient holy war king are vegetarian, so many mother ships are enough to obliterate him in an instant!" Many mother ships, with longing and good hope, formally entered the ancient star and rushed to Taichu Ancient Mine, Immortal Mountain, Huolin Cave, Wanlong Nest and other places. But at this time, Ye Fan also finally took action, the sun never sets on the royal family only one mother ship, the saints have fallen, the remaining hundreds of warships are no threat to him. He wants to seize the mother ship, and he wants to get the evolution liquid into his hands. Call the dead dog! Ye Fan was already familiar with how to use the warship and tried to get in touch with the people of Tianzhi Village in his own warship. Two years ago, he had a holy ship outside the Mountain of the Undead. Although he could not jump in space without the hidden gods, all other functions were still there, leaving it to the Black Emperor. Damn, what a hallucination. Why did I hear a bastard calling me? There was an entrance between the village of Heaven and the outside world, and the ship of the Black Emperor was lying there. At this time, he was suspicious. A little bald ghost, poking his head and holding a small wine jar in his arms, belched out and said, "I heard it, too. It seems to be the voice of the master." "Yes,needle valve manufacturer, it's me, not the illusion, I'm back!" "Ah, master!" The little bald man sat on the ground, rubbed his big eyes, stared at the big screen, and said, "Master, the black emperor forced me to drink. It's not what I want to drink. I miss you." "Damn it,stainless steel tube fitting, you're stealing wine again. It's none of my business!" The black emperor almost swallowed him in one mouthful, then stared at Ye Fan incredibly and said, "Boy, you.." Why are you back? "Not to mention anything else, I have something important to inform you, this time we have a big operation, will loot a large number of mother ships, all of which are holy.." Ye Fan quickly sent a message that the twelve royal families all have evolutionary liquid and mother ships, which are worth selling. Rob a wild alien! The little bald head was the first to get excited. (To be continued). Chapter 1175 of the main text who is the prey? "I have something important to report to the prince!" After scanning and interrogation, Ye Fan finally boarded the mother ship of the Sunset Clan, which was a direct descendant of the Clan, and mercenaries could not land under normal circumstances. Qingjin mother ship is four thousand five hundred Zhangs long and magnificent in scale. It is a rare holy treasure ship with powerful fighting power. Unfortunately, there is no sage in charge of it. Let Ye Fan landing in, can only be said to be a disaster, in today's world, who can subdue him under the sage? "What do you want?" Asked a strong man of the Sunset Clan, with a hint of contempt in his eyes. They did not value the mercenaries and the temporarily recruited monks, stainless steel needle valve ,38 needle valve, who were originally used as cannon fodder. Today, the planet does not seem to be dangerous, and with resources everywhere, these people are not so important, on the contrary, they may bring too much consumption. I have come to receive the ship. Ye Fan smiled. What, against you, a humble mercenary dares to say such a thing! The strong man of the royal family on which the sun never sets stood up. Poof! As soon as Ye Fanyi pointed out, the man was killed on the spot with a stream of blood between his eyebrows. All his expressions were frozen on his face, and he fell down. Whoa! There was a big mess in the cabin, and all the people next to it jumped up and changed their faces one by one. It was unexpected that such a thing had happened. Who are you and why did you betray your employer? A middle-aged man shouted loudly. Well, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ye Fan. I come from this ancient star, which is the native in your eyes. Ye Fan said. It's you.. Let the Cao family challenge, let heaven make a dusty ascetic, you. It came from here! The crowd was amazed. Quick, spread the alarm all over the fleet. Cried one of the magnates, furious. Everyone else also had a premonition that something was wrong, and they all went backwards. Unfortunately, it was too late. Ye Fan's fighting power was so strong that there was no sage to stop him. As soon as he read the divine art, the vision of the holy body was displayed, and everyone was swept away, losing the ability to move. It's no use. One of my Taoist bodies has gone to the main control room and cut off the connection between the ship and the outside world. It's completely closed! Ye Fan's voice is very cold and heartless. The mother ship was terrible, comparable to an ancient saint when attacking the outside world, but Ye Fan entered the interior, and everything failed for him. In the main control room, Ye Fan's Taoist body five s sè divine light flashed, directly splitting more than a dozen masters, and shaking the princes of the Sunset Clan who had heard the news. He quickly isolated all the important areas and sealed them up to prevent the people of the clan from jumping over the wall and carrying out self-destructive destruction. Things are too sudden, the sun does not set clan completely confused, the mother ship changed ownership, this is extremely illusory, it is hard to accept. Ye Fan's Taoist body entered the main control room, while the real body swept away many masters in the huge mother ship like a human-shaped Tyrannosaurus, and no one could stop him anywhere. Half an hour later, he took complete control of the mother ship! "Ah.." Some of the tycoons of the Sunset Clan died, and the others became captives and were imprisoned in a closed cabin door. They were full of unwillingness and great suffocation. It was like a myth that a man captured one of their mother ships, and it was so fast that they were completely defeated and had no power to fight back! Ye Fan found the evolution liquid for the first time. After opening the cork, the essence overflowed. He smelled it and immediately decided to surpass the third-order evolution liquid. They say that it is not as good as the fourth stage of evolution and needs to be warmed and refined, so let's keep it for now. Ye Fan did not kill the captives, because these people are of great use, they know how to control the ancient holy war tools, mother ships, warships and so on, can be handed over to the village of heaven. Then he took control of the prince of the sun, entered his frontal bone with his mind, and issued one order after another, mobilizing hundreds of warships around the mother ship. He let the fleet into the northern region, but do not act rashly, and then their own control of the mother ship, space jump, directly to the village of heaven. Big black dog is very shocked, copper bell big eye puts green light, after coming into contact with spaceship two years ago, already knew its value,14 tube fitting, saliva flows wildly, way: "Mine, this emperor's mother ship arrived!" 。


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