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That night is a wave is not flat, a wave again, open Qiu Hou mansion, unexpectedly in a few days, make such a way, really make people dare not imagine. Then he thought that what happened two nights in a row happened to be that he and Ye Ruqian were not in Hou Fu, which showed that Baihuamen had already grasped his actions in the dark. Of course, I have gained something in these two nights, but the gain is not as great as the loss. Now that the father and son of the Marquis of Qiu had all disappeared, he would never have dreamed that with the wisdom of the Marquis of Qiu Guangchao, he would end up like this. Big brother, what are you thinking alone? Ye Ruqian thought she had slept well and came in. Wang Gang heaved a sigh of relief and said, "I want to think too much. Even I don't know where to think of it." How could Ye Ruqian not see that Wang Gang had a great worry at the moment? She hurriedly asked, "Did General Manager Liu tell you something? Did you see him just now?" "Manager Liu has just left." "What on earth is he doing here?" "The eldest son is also missing!" Ye Ruqing said, "Really?"? When did you go missing? "Last night, when we were in Meizhuang, we worked hard to catch more than twenty people, but it was not as good as catching one at Baihuamen." "Did Baihuamen do it again?" "Who else would there be besides the Hundred Flowers Gate?" Wang Gang then briefly narrated to Ye Ruqian what General Manager Liu had said. Ye Ruqian frowned deeply and said,inflatable floating water park, "The Hundred Flowers Gate is really too hateful. What are you going to do?" Wang Gang said, "Apart from doing everything we can to try to save Marquis Qiu and the eldest son, everything else is false." "But Marquis Qiu has been missing for so many days that we haven't even got a clue." Wang Gang sighed and said, "This can only be regarded as Wang Gang's incompetence." Ye Ruqian shook her head and said, "Elder brother, you don't have to blame yourself. In fact,Inflatable outdoor park, you have done your best. The main reason is that the other side stands in the dark, and we stand in the open. As the saying goes, an open gun is easy to hide, but a hidden arrow is hard to guard against. That's why it's often a waste of effort." Wang Gang nodded and said, "You're right. I decided to stand in the dark tonight." Ye Ruqian was stupefied and said, "I don't understand you. Do you have any plans?" "I've decided to stay at Yangxin Zhai tonight," said Wang Gang. "If the other party comes again and I catch him, not only will I be able to find out where the eldest son is, but I'll also be able to get to the bottom of the matter of Qiu Hou Ye." Ye Ruqian said disapprovingly, "I think you're going in vain. The two sons of Hou Fu have all been taken away by them. What else are they doing here?" Wang Gang had his own opinion and said, "Maybe they will come to kidnap me next. There are many people riding in the camp. Naturally, they dare not go there to take action openly. Yangxinzhai is the most convenient place for them to start." "But how did they know you would live in Yangxin Zhai?" "Because the eldest daughter Lu Fengying knew that the eldest son had decided to use that place for me, that is, Inflatable bouncer ,inflatable amusement park, she took the servant girl to tidy up, and she had the key in her hand, Hou Fu had a series of big events, they would have expected that I might use the way of waiting for rabbits to live there, so I also came to a plan." "If your idea is not bad, they must be the best, and more than one person." "That is inevitable, so if there is no action tonight, there will be an unprecedented fierce fight." Ye Ruqian began to worry about Wang Gang's safety. She frowned and said, "If that's true, how can Big Brother deal with it alone?" Wang Gang said confidently, "I have made great progress in my skill since I received the help of the old man Sun and Moon to get through the meridians and teach him martial arts. Even Ding Kaishan was defeated by me. Although there are many masters in the Hundred Flowers Gate, there are only a few people who can beat Ding Kaishan, unless the Master of the Hundred Flowers Gate comes in person." "What if the Master of the Hundred Flowers Gate did it himself?" "Then I'll have to fight him hard." "I remember you once said that the last time you were defeated by him in Miaofeng Mountain, and you were defeated miserably. You will always suffer losses if you fight hard.". ” "But you should know that the moves that the old man Sun and Moon taught me are the nemesis of cracking the swordsmanship of the Master of Hundred Flowers. Since I learned them, I have used my spare time to practice them every day. I am confident that I am quite proficient in that set of moves. I just want to find an opportunity to verify them with the Master of Hundred Flowers." Ye Ruqian said, "Is there a name for the trick that the old man Sun and Moon taught his eldest brother?" Wang Gang said with a smile, "There is no martial art without a name. That set of moves is called'Flowers Fall in the Rain '. Although it only contains three moves in one move, its power is mysterious. Moreover, it is used to restrain the three moves and eight moves that the Master of Hundred Flowers is best at." When Ye Ruqian heard this, her face changed and she said, "What are the three moves and eight styles?"? Is this the unique skill of the Master of Hundred Flowers? Wang Gang nodded and said, "Yes, the last time I had a duel with the Master of Hundred Flowers in Miaofeng Mountain, I could barely cope with it at first. It was not until he made those three moves and eight moves that I was forced to be overwhelmed immediately. Finally, I was dazzled. I didn't even know how I fainted. When I woke up, I was lying in the stone room of the old man Sun and Moon." Ye Ruqian heard that even her breathing was a little urgent. She asked again in a hurry, "Do you have a name for the three moves and eight styles of the Master of Hundred Flowers?" Wang Gang said, "Of course I didn't know what kind of swordsmanship it was at that time. Later, I heard the old man Sun and Moon say that the three moves and eight styles were called'Mantianhuayu ', which was the unique learning of the Master of Hundred Flowers in his life." Ye Ruqing's face turned from red to white, his whole body was like a heavy blow, and he leaned back on his seat, unable to speak for a long time. Wang Gang felt that something was wrong. He was in a daze and asked, "Ruqian, what's wrong with you?" Ye Ruqian heaved a sigh of relief and said, "It's nothing. I just suddenly feel a little uncomfortable." "Would you like me to help you go back to your room and have a rest?" Asked Wang Gang. Ye Ruqian said feebly, "No need. I have a little problem, but I can still hold it. Elder brother, I decided to accompany you to Yangxin Zhai in the evening." Wang Gang frowned and said,Inflatable dry slide, "I didn't want you to suffer with me. Now you're not feeling well. It's better to rest at home." Ye Ruqian smiled sadly and said, "I was really worried about the trip to Pomegranate Village and Meizhuang two nights ago. But tonight is different. I didn't leave Houfu tonight. When I arrived at Yangxin Zhai, I could still have a good rest." 。


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