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Tier 3 Stream Commission

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2 listing slots available
1 creator slots available

Cancellation Policy


Available Licenses

Non-commercial Use


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All prices are quoted in Euro including the listing's starting price.

This commission tier is for an in-stream flat, cel coloured digital lined drawing of a single character. Backgrounds are not available for this tier.


  • Additional Character: +€110 (max 2 total)
  • Props: +€17-25 each
  • Reduced views [example diagram]:
    • Thighs-up (or equivalent): 20% off character base price
    • Chest-up (or equivalent): 50% off character base price

Payment is required upfront once an invoice is provided.
Work will begin ASAP and progress will be uploaded on regularly for any necessary feedback.
Prices may be adjusted based on characters' and commission's complexity or simplicity.


About the Creator


I've moved off of!

You can find me elsewhere,
linked on my commission info page.

Hello! My name is Chocolate Kitsune, and I'm a furry fetish artist. I mainly specialize in kinks such as hypnosis, transformation, and ageplay, but I enjoy working on more vanilla and SFW themes just as much.

I also love working on video game related projects like fanart and self-insert art.

Don't be shy to ask about themes I've not drawn before; I'm open to the vast majority of ideas, and I don't offend easily either.